Monday, August 21, 2017

The Solar Eclipse

Because of the 95% solar eclipse over Boulder today, I left the four laying hens inside their wire-mesh coop.  Local raccoons come out at dusk and try to raid the chicken coop.  I'm guessing that with two dusks today, they'll be out twice....  and I don't want to lose any of the hens.  I'm also leaving Xuxa and Carter inside for the day - not to mention keeping my cats inside during the eclipse.  (We're also expecting the window washers today - the first time in the 26 months we've been here, so the blinds will be drawn, too, for privacy.)
    I've been silly today - my post on Facebook was:  "Eclipse!  Eclipse!  Eclipse!

And there have been lots of tongue-in-cheek reports of the sales of thousands of bras from Dollar Stores for use as eye protectors for livestock:

I have only two comments regarding the eclipse:  
(1)  Isn't it amazing that people around the world believe that there will be a solar eclipse, just because the scientists say there will be one?  Where is their belief in the same scientists when the scientists talk about global warming?
(2) Do not look at the sun at any time during the eclipse.  You will damage your eyesight!

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