Monday, October 9, 2017

Death and Life on Assateague Island, Maryland

An injured Assateague pony was reported on the causeway road on Assateague at 8 p.m. Thursday, 5 October.  When Park Rangers arrived, Jester, an 18-year-old stallion, was dead.  The newspapers report that there was no sign of physical trauma, so the rangers are assuming the stallion died from "massive internal trauma" (from being struck by a vehicle).  Jester has roamed the causeway area, with his single mare, Dee's Heart, since 2004.  He will be missed.   (And I hope that Dee's Heart will find a new group to stay with soon...)
Jester rising from a nap on the beach.  (Please, if you took this photo, let me know in the comments section, so I can give you the appropriate credit!)

But there have also been two recent arrivals - on 20 September, Dr. Jay and Bayberry welcomed a new filly:
Photo by Vivian Harsch Carpenter

(This one is by ets photography - Elizabeth Stroud)

And on 2 October, Gokey Go Bones and Yankee produced a filly of their own - and she looks a lot like her daddy!

Ann Richardson took both shots of the latest baby...

And the Eclipse baby,  out of Johnny's Star, by Chip, is growing like mad.  She's shedding her baby fur, with a much darker undercoat showing, which is causing a lot of comments from visitor's who believe she is ill...
Photo by Beached Paws Photography, foal less than 24 hours old

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