Friday, January 19, 2018


A study says that people who read several books each year have a tendency to live two years longer than people who don't.  Now, I definitely don't want to live forever, but there for a while, I was reading a book a day; I've currently slowed down to one every two or three days.  How much more will that extend my life, I wonder?  - Not much, I'm sure.
  Today is my sister's 68th birthday....  Kathy Jo was born at the Chincoteague Naval Air Station today, with the help of forceps, as she was a breech presentation.  Mom had so much internal damage they told her she'd never conceive again - but here I am!  (Our family likes to confound the medical profession.)  For her birthday, I gave her a copy of Killers of the Flower Moon - The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.  I'm on the reserve waiting list for a copy from the library.
   I've been re-reading some favorites, and found a three-in-one Andre Norton hardcover.  Apparently I read two of the novels when I was in 7th grade, but I don't remember the third one, which I'm about two-thirds through...  I have a copy of the new C. J. Cherryh Foreigner series book, Emergence, to read; and I'm awaiting the arrival of my autographed copy of City on the Edge of Darkness by Preston and Child.
  I just received my new Bas Bleu catalog, and I've spotted another 10 books that look intriguing - I'll have to order them from the library - and I still need to sitdown at my PC and read May Day Over Wichita, which my cousin Sarah highly recommends.
    After several nights of single digit temperatures, the Chinook winds arrived early this morning, and it was 47 degrees when I left to care for Pip and Squeak; 49 when I returned.  It's supposed to reach the mid-60s again this afternoon (it was 68 yesterday), before getting chilly again tomorrow.  Then snow is forecast for Sunday, with a high of 30....  We'll see!

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