Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Sitting here, at my computer desk, looking out the west facing window, I just saw a raven land on top of the telephone pole, arch his neck and vocalize.  He "cawed" four times, with four separate plumes of breath steam ejecting from his mouth with each call.  - The temperature has climbed up to 7 degrees (F), from the 4 degrees it was when I first went out this morning.  Very high thin clouds, with plenty of sunshine out there - but, brrrrrr!  The gigantic thermometer on the shed at Pip and Squeak's house read 4 when I was getting fresh kitty litter in for them at 7:30 today.
   Had scrambled eggs, potato chunks and bacon for breakfast, after taking care of the black girls; the topped off the bird feeders and put almonds out for the squirrels, jays and ravens.  I had picked up a hard cover trilogy of books by Andre Norton a while ago, at the used book store.  I started reading the first novel, and I was almost finished when I realized I had last (and first) read the book when I was in 7th grade - that was the 1968-69 school year.  (Yikes!)
    I'm going to make meatballs in marinara sauce this afternoon.  I have all the ingredients and I'll heat up the crockpot and let things simmer until supper time.  Looking forward to dinner!

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