Saturday, January 20, 2018

Day 366 of 45 in Office

Let's see...   Unemployment is down to 4.1% nation-wide.  The stock market is riding a huge high.  The entire government of the United States of America is closed down.  The US Government is closed because it has no money to spend; because the Congress could not, and/or would not, approve an operating budget for the fiscal year - it has been running on temporary extensions, but they have ended.
   So....  A Republican President, who has a majority of Republicans in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, cannot get a budget approved?  What has happened to the man who claimed, "I, alone, can do it!"?  Where is his self-acclaimed business acuity in the art of making a deal?  What has happened to his "Make America Great Again" rhetoric?  It seems as if all he wants to do is play golf at his privately owned clubs, eat fast food, and canoodle with pornographic stars....
  He is a lying, thieving, cheat - but that's not new.   When Barack Obama was President, 48% of the world held the US in high esteem, and thought our promises would be kept.  In the single year that 45 has been in the White House, our national trustworthiness has dropped to 30%.  We are now ranked behind Germany and China, and barely ahead of Russia....  I should not be surprised at all.

On the other hand, today and tomorrow, there will be, and have been Women's Marches, as there was the day after 45's Inauguration.  I took my roommate into downtown Denver and dropped her off at the March's staging area, at the Civic Center Park in front of the State Capitol Building.  On the way there, circling the Park, and on my return drive home, I counted over 3,000 people...  The Denver Post reported over 150,000 people participated.  And the crowds in other cities looked comparable... As a sex, we rock!! 
   Remember this year's theme  POWER AT THE POLLS!

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