Saturday, January 6, 2018


I am going to allow myself to prate and rant, today only, about the past year. After today, I may write a small paragraph about the idiot in the Oval Office, but I will not continue to dwell upon him.

I have always known that my sister, as well as her husband, are procrastinators (I am one, as well - but I try to control myself).  In November of 2016, I had received my DNA test returns from one kit; and my sister and her husband were fascinated...  I offered to buy both of them DNA testing kits for their Christmas presents; they wanted to know what the test consisted of, and I told them they had to swab each cheek for a few seconds, having not consumed anything orally for 30 minutes.  They both said that was easy, and said they'd love to have the tests as a gift.  I purchased them, at $99 each plus tax and shipping.  I gave the test kits to my sister and brother-in-law for Christmas 2016, along with the postage, in stamps, to send the kits back for testing.   ....  The day before Thanksgiving this year, I received a note from the company that the test kits were going to expire on 31 December of 2017 - the preservative for the DNA swabs would expire.  I called and left my sister a message about it.  She called later and said she had placed the test kits on the kitchen table, and they would do them "soon."  She informed me on 31 December that they had started to do the test, but had a question, and, since it was 9 pm on New Year's Eve, the company wasn't answering their phones....  what to do?  I told her she could call 2 January; but would probably need to throw everything away, since she hadn't touched the kits until it was too late....    I made her cry, even though I didn't mean to.....

If you have read any of my past postings, you will know that I am a staunch "bleeding heart" Democrat. I have been very upset since the orange peanut in the White House was elected - and, even more upset, since he was sworn into office.  This blob (or blot) of humanity, given the name of Donald John Trump, at birth, should never be in charge of anything.  I truly believe every nasty thing ever said about him - especially in the new book, Fire and Fury, which seems to be a very nasty tell-all about his so-called friends, family, and supporters that "work" with him in the White House.  He is just so laughable - like his Tweet this morning that he  is actually "a stable genius", "like, really smart."  - Yeah - I'd say he's a stable genius - like the muck pile where we dump the used straw and chips with the horse dung and urine.....
    As a Democrat, I never thought I'd be touting certain Republicans - I LOVE Richard Painter, the ethics lawyer for the George W. Bush White House.  I also love Richard Jolley, Malcolm Nance, and Clint Watts - I know the first two of the trio are Republicans, and I suspect the third is, too.   Ex-prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks, who was on the Watergate prosecutor's team, is also a real heroine - she said in August 2017 that she thought she could make a case for obstruction of justice against the President; two days ago, she stated that with all of the items that have become public, she knows she could easily present, and win, a case of obstruction of justice against the President.
   When are the Republicans in the Senate and in the House of Representatives going to remove the blinders from their eyes, and admit that this person sitting in the Oval Office is a CROOK ?!?!?

That is all for today....   Tomorrow, back to animals and happenings (and, possibly, a small comment on the idiot in the White House).

By the way......    Have a fantastic 2018!!      Happy New Year!

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