Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Snow and Boulder

Sunday (two days ago) marked the deepest snowfall of the season - seven to eight inches, depending upon your location and the wind.  I figure we had 8 inches, since I had four inches of snow over ice on the car in the morning before I went out, and I had to remove another four inches at 5 p.m., when I made my evening trip to Pip and Squeak.  I realize that a lot of people in Boulder are new residents - we have a growth rate of more than 1,000 people each month - but it would be nice if people used common sense in snowy weather.
     First, when you clean off your car, besides the windshield and side and rear windows, clean off the mirrors and your headlights and tail lights!  If you don't have a good scraper, wait until your defroster works well enough to clear your windshield.
    Second, turn on your headlights!! 
   Third, if you are crossing an area that has NOT been cleared by a snowplow, remember that your vehicle WILL fish tail, if you use too much speed.
  Fourth, please do NOT ride on someone's bumper (like mine)....
  Fifth, be aware of crazy pedestrians - they will walk in front of you with great nonchalance - whether they have the right of way, or not.  A person ignored the "Do Not Walk" crossing sign yesterday, and was struck and killed by a vehicle.   -  Last night, in the dusk before true nightfall, a did not see a person dressed in either black or navy blue who was walking a black dog.  I DID see the white doggie poop bag, which was my only warning there was something/someone on the street corner.
  Sixth, please give yourself enough time to clear off your car (if you aren't lucky enough to have a garage, or covered parking) and get it warmed up BEFORE you leave for your destination...  Driving the roads without a clear view, and/or speeding to make up lost time is both dangerous and stupid.
  Seventh - be aware that "black ice" is everywhere - if you think you see water on the road when it's cold out, it's probably ice.  You will slide and swirl.  It's fun, if there is absolutely no one else around - but if you're in heavy traffic, count on multiple hits....

   My last comment is about the beauty of the snow at North Boulder Park - I pass it twice a day, morning and evening - and I have a fantastic time watching the cross-country skiers having a ball out upon the open playing fields coated with snow.  It's a glorious sight!

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