Thursday, February 8, 2018

Osage Murders - Photos

Osage Dancers  1917  Gray Horse Dance Hall

Osage Gusher  circa 1915

Charles Whitehorn, found shot in his car
(the "first" listed murder)

(above) Sisters (l to r) Minnie, Anna and Mollie
 (below, l to r) Anna, mother Lizzie, and Mollie 

(below) Mollie's first husband, by Osage law, Henry Roan

 (below, l to r) Sister Rita and her serving maid, Nettie Brookshire

 (below) Rita's husband, William E.  "Bill" Smith

Bill & Rita Smith's house before the explosion
 (below) Bill and Rita's house after the explosion

Except for the Osage Dancers in the top photo - and, most importantly, the
sister Mollie Burkhardt - all people pictured were murdered between 1921
and 1923.  Mollie was being poisoned; the intervention of the FBI saved
her life.  **There were originally 24 murders "listed" - the author of the
book discovered many, many more....  Only 6 were solved.**

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