Monday, February 5, 2018

Post (American) Football

If you're an American, and you're scratching your head about the title, it's because, in most countries around the world, "football" means what we call "soccer."  Other than the Philadelphia Eagles' celebration parade to exhibit the Lombardi Trophy after last night's Super Bowl, the professional football season has ended.
   I grew up watching football on television, and at high-school and college fields.  Dad always rooted for the under-dog team, even though he had a few favorite college teams.  And, of course, he cheered for my sister's and my school teams.  I have never, personally, been to a professional football game.  I like to be able to see the game clearly, via cameras, and to see instant replays.  I can easily go to the bathroom, without waiting in a line, and I don't have to pay an exorbitant ticket fee and outrageous prices for food and drink. 
   I used to be an avid football fan, with a wide array of likes and dislikes on both the college and professional level.  Since almost every single one of my favorite players is no longer playing - except two, but one was injured and missed almost the entire season - I haven't been watching.  I still the the plays and the moves and the fakes, but I'm no longer personally invested like I was before.
   Yesterday, and last night, I was hoping the Eagles would defeat the New England Patriots.  Number one, the Eagles were the under-dogs.  Number two, I really dislike Tom Brady.  So I was quite excited when I checked on-line last night and saw the Eagles were trailing by a single point with over 8 minutes left in the game.   I actually became hopeful that the Eagles would be able to beat the Kraft-Belichick-Brady machine.  When people were running around screaming in the restaurant parking lot last night, I checked the final score - and did a little jig beside my desk chair. 
   When I was a kid, I remember that the quarterbacks and receivers were the "known names," but that they always said it was a team effort and most shied away from the spotlight.  Joe Namath began the change - and I have to admit that I always laughed at Joe, even though he was a good player.  I've always loved the defensive players - they never seem to get that much credit, unless a quarterback sack is made... 
   In any event, there are three professional football teams that are anathema to me, just because of their quarterbacks - Tom Brady of the Patriots, Philip Rivers of the Chargers, and Ben Rothlesberger of the Steelers.  I have to say that I pretty much "hate" all three of those quarterbacks, even though they are good players.  It both their attitudes, and their actions that I dislike. - And, so, stupidly, I dislike the entire team.....
    But, way to go, Eagles!!!  You did it, men!!   A 41 to 33 win!  Thank you!

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