Saturday, February 17, 2018

Weird Sense of Humor - Or Twisted Mind?

Just before 8 this morning, I posted on Facebook that I would love to see a discussion panel on MSNBC's show AM Joy with Joy Reid that consisted of Jill Wine-Banks, Malcolm Nance, Naveed Jamali, Clint Watts, and Matt Miller.  I wanted them to discuss the Mueller indictments and the fact that 130 members of the White House staff do not have a Security Clearance.  The Security Clearance issue is important to me; I knew that 45's daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, did not have a viable Security Clearance.  I had no idea that spokesperson Sarah Suckabee Sanders, chief White House legal adviser Don McGann, and several other folks could not get a permanent clearance.  All of these people have an "Interim"  Clearance, which is supposed to apply for 90 to 180 days - no longer.  This administration has been inside the White House for over a year, which, unless I learned wrong, lasts for 365 or 366 days.  Who can't count here?
  In any event, my room mate and I burst into laughter at the same time this morning, while watching AM Joy.  Joy Reid had a discussion panel about Security Clearances at the White House - and the three people on the panel were Jill Wine-Banks, Malcolm Nance, and Naveed Jamali.  (Three of the five I had hoped for.)  At the end of the discussion, Malcolm made the comment that if any of those 130 people entered  a US Intelligence office, officers and employees would immediately hit the red button, causing a red strobe light to flash, cover everything on their desks and shut down their computers, and it would be loudly shouted that "Uncleared people" were present.  - That's when Beatrice and I started laughing.  Both of us had pictured in our minds images of lepers in the Dark and Middle Ages, shaking their clappers and yelling "Unclean! Unclean!"
***  It is truly sad that people with leprosy were shunned and treated so badly before the disfiguring disease was understood....  ***

   But Beatrice and I have a weird sense of humor  -  or do we have twisted minds?

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