Friday, July 27, 2018

New Pony Names Information From 2018 Auction - With Photos

Still trying to match a few "look alike" foals and figure out which is really which.....  In the meantime, there ended up being 11 Buy-Back fillies and eight of them have names.  A few of the take home babies are named, too, so I'll share what I know. Of the Buy-Backs, Kachina's filly has not yet been named, and the two fillies (Black Pearl's and Whisper's) purchased by the Chincoteague Legacy Group are going through the voting process.  These are the named Buy Backs, with the designated "call name" in quotation marks:
Dreamer's Stardust  "Stardust"
By Ken, out of Dreamer's Gift

Jigsaw's Little Miss Skeeter   "Skeeter"
By Tornado's Legacy, out of Jigsaw

Miss Admiral Halsey
By Surfer's Riptide, out of  Kachina Mayli Mist

Carli Marie
By Ace's Black Tie Affair, out of Beach Baby

By Maverick, out of Calceti'n

Judy's Sunshine   "Wings"
By Tornado's Prince of Tides, out of Catwalk Chaos

Doc's Bay Dream
By Effie's Papa Bear, out of Doc Amrien

Wendy's Carolina Girl   "Carolina Girl"
By Maverick, out of Essie of Assateague

Three other foals with announced names: 
By Maverick, out of Marguerite

By Surfer's Riptide, out of Butterfly Kisses

Surfer's Stormy Eclipse  "Stormy"
By Ace's Black Tie Affair, out of CLG Surfer's Blue Moon

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