Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Possible Buy-Back Foals.... (With Photos)

According to reports from the Southern Holding Pens on Beach Road at Assateague Island, Virginia, ten fillies are now sporting necks tags, after the veterinarian check.  There are eight red tags and two yellow tags.  Usually the red tags designate the chosen Buy Back foals for the year.  The two yellow tags are alternate choices, in case of injury, or if one of the red tags ends up being the first foal to swim across the channel and be raffled off as (in this case) Queen Neptune.
    The eight red-tagged fillies are:

Black Pearl and Riptide

Calceti'n and Ace or Maverick

Essie and Mavrick

Whisper of a Living Legend and Ken

Beach Baby and Ace

Catwalk Chaos and Prince of Tides

Kachina and Hoppy

Doc Amrien and Hoppy

Yellow Tags:
Jigsaw and Tornado's Legacy

Skylark and Legacy or Puzzle

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