Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Unidentified Assateague Pony Photos - Let Me Know Who They Are, Please

Here are some of the photos of ponies on Assateague Island that I have been unable to identify.  If you know who they are, please leave a comment, telling me which photo and the name of that pony... If any results come in, I'll post your name (if you so desire) with the pony's identity.  Thanks!!!

This is Scottie in his winter coat - found another photo of him.

Precious is on the right; who is to the left?

There are photos of roan ponies on undated postcards

 Is this Lion's Mane (above and below)?  Who are the flashy pintos?

This 'n' That Miscellany

The three-year-old colt (actually, he's a ridgling) Catholic Boy ran away from everyone in the Mid-Summer Derby - otherwise known as the Travers Stakes, run at 1 1/4 miles at Saratoga.  Bravazo, the D Wayne Lucas trainee, who ran in all three Triple Crown races, was coming up hard to finish in third place behind Mendelssohn finishing second.  It was a really great race.
The President is complaining because he Google-searched his own surname plus the news, and found that most of the news stories listed ran toward negativity about his leadership.  He is swearing that Google needs to be investigated because they only list "Fake news."   -  The man is an idiot.

There were voting primaries in Arizona and Florida yesterday.  I grinned when I saw that ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio finished last of three candidates where he ran.  I was very happy to see the ex-Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, won the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination. I could only sigh when I saw that DeSantis, the President's Republican pick, won that race.  DeSantis is such a suck-up to the man in the Oval Office - his advertisement for running was creepy, showing him reading a book supposedly written by the President to his son, and then helping his son build a wall of wood blocks, while chanting, "Build that wall!  Build that wall!  That's right, son, let's build that wall!"  And then his statement this morning, telling voter's not to "monkey up the election" by voting for Gillum, who is African-American.  That really set my teeth on edge.

I am still working on identifying a bunch of older photos of ponies that lived on Assateague Island - both in Maryland and Virginia.  Trying to match body markings on pintos is fairly easy - but when you're looking at anklets, socks and stockings when the ponies are either in sand, water, or grass and bushes can make it hard.  Most of the bays, chestnuts and sorrels on the north end of Assateague, in Maryland, have few distinguishing marks, and with the life in the wild, their coat colors can change dramatically between high summer and the dead of winter...  I've gotten half of the photos identified, but some of them are single "shots" and no other photos of that particular pony are posted elsewhere.  It's like working on  a family tree and/or a locked-door murder mystery.  Fun, but puzzling.

I've been reading quite a bit recently - still have five Tony Hillerman books to find and read to complete his series.  Then his daughter, Ann's, three books.  Have read about half of the C. J. Box books so far.  I've had several series recommended to me that are only available as electronic books that I have to download to my PC...  I might be tackling them soon - but I love to sprawl in my chair in the living room or on the balcony and read...  Being tied to the PC is not something I particularly want - and I positively hate reading on a tablet or Kindle or whatever...  I want a real book in my  hands.

I start eleven days of walks at 7:30 a.m. with the owner of 5 King Charles Cavalier Spaniels on Friday.  His wife is visiting family, and he needs help with the furry scurries.  On Labor Day, Monday, I start 3 to 5 weeks of cats, chickens and fish sitting while the owners go play in the Canadian Rockies...  They'll return when they feel like it, or the weather turns too cold.  That means fresh eggs on a daily basis and tons of fresh veggies and grapes from the garden, too. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Photos of Assateague, Maryland Ponies - Gone But Not Forgotten

***  Please note only a few of these photos we taken by me.  (I admit I "harvest" photos
from the internet.  If any of these photos belong to you, I will be extremely happy to (a)
give you credit for the photo, and/or (b) remove it, with my apologies.  ***


Chama Wingapo  (right)

Dee's Heart


Mane Pride

Miss T


Pen-Del (left) and Jr Balloon (right)

Pepe (left) and Chance (right)



Sea Gazer


Tunkan Hoksila



Sunday, August 26, 2018

An American Hero - Senator John Sidney McCain III

Last night and today I have been mourning the loss of a true American hero - John Sidney McCain III.  A Republican Congressman - first elected as a Representative in 1980, then as a Senator in 1986 - representing the state of Arizona, he was a man with whom I did not see eye-to-eye with in politics.  But he was one hell of a man.  A real man.  A true hero.
   He was the son of a career US Navy man, John S McCain Jr , born on 29 August 1936 in Coco Solo, Panama.  He entered the US Naval Academy two years before I was born, in 1954 - and graduated fifth from the bottom of his class.  He became a Navy pilot. He was serving in Vietnam when his plane was shot down, and he was captured by the Vietnamese.  He spent 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war - two years in solitary confinement - and was starved and tortured.  Among the military medals McCain earned were three Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, two Legion of Merit awards, a Silver Star, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.
   If he had chosen another running mate when he was nominated for the Presidency in 2008, we might be mourning an ex-President.  However, Sarah Palin was chosen as his running mate, and I'm positive that's why he lost the election.  It might have been a close election, had he had a different person as his Vice-Presidential running mate.
   Last year, he developed a blood clot behind his left eye.  During the surgery to remove the clot, it was discovered that Senator McCain had a malignant tumor growing behind his eye, in his brain.  It was tested and was diagnosed as glioblastoma cancer.  -  The same type of brain cancer that killed my brother-in-law's youngest brother, an Army veteran.
   On Friday morning, the McCain family announced that Senator McCain had decided to end medical treatment for the cancerous brain tumor.  He passed away at 4:28 on Saturday, 25 August 2018 - 4 days before his 82nd birthday.  May he rest in peace as a true American hero.

McCain family portrait -
Senator John Sidney McCain III is third from left

 McCain at Annapolis

McCain in 1965, on ground at right

President Nixon and McCain, 1973

Arizona Congressman McCain 1983

28 July 2017, McCain casts deciding vote on Health Care Bill

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Assateague Island, Maryland - Photos

On Possibility of Impeachment, US President Says...

Fox News's Ainsley Earhardt was given an interview with the 45th President, and asked him a total of 18 questions.  Asked if he believes that Democrats would try to impeach him, if they win back control of the Congress in the 2018 mid-term elections, the President replied, "If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash, I think everybody would be very poor.  You would see numbers that you wouldn't believe.  ...  You know, I guess it says something like high crimes and all -- I don't know how you can impeach somebody who has done a great job."
  During the interview, which aired on television this morning, the President said that he would give himself an "A+" if asked to grade his performance in office so far, citing his successful appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and predicting that Brett Kavanaugh, his second pick, will be confirmed quickly, as well.  "I give myself an A+. I don't think any President has ever done what I have done."
  The President questioned how, and why, he could be impeached when he's made such huge strides improving economic conditions for everyone in the United States.  "We haven't even been two years.  Biggest tax cuts in history. Soon to be two unbelievable Supreme Court justices; I'm sure that Justice Kavanaugh will be approved.  Justice Gorsuch has been a star.  You look at all the things we have done with regulations, the economy is the best it has ever been in history.  The only thing I'm doing badly in is the press doesn't cover me fairly."
  The President also stated, during the interview, in regards to Michael Cohen's guilty plea in New York on Tuesday afternoon, that the long-standing legal practice of flipping a witness "almost ought to be illegal."

 Just as a note, the first New York Congressman to endorse the 45th President as a candidate has been charged with insider trading; and the second one to endorse him, from California, has just been charged with using campaign donations for personal expenses for both himself and his family.
 Not to mention that the EPA, at the President's direction, has just cancelled the carbon dioxide emission standards set by President Obama - which the EPA cheerfully acknowledges will cause at least 1,400 more deaths per year (on average) in the US for people with breathing problems, such as COPD and asthma.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To 8 Felonies

The 45th President's long-time personal attorney and adviser pleaded guilty yesterday to 8 felony charges, including tax evasion, fraudulent bank loans and two federal campaign finance violations. He was also, until the past two weeks, the Financial Co-chairman of the Republican National Committee.  He confessed the crimes under oath, in federal court, and stated that he willfully violated the two campaign finance laws at the direction of his employer, Donald J Trump, then a candidate for the United States Presidency.
   Today, the 45th President falsely claimed that the last two crimes mentioned are not crimes.  He took to Twitter to distance himself from his former friend, lawyer, and adviser: "If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don't retain the services of Michael Cohen!"  He also used following Tweets to argue that Cohen's campaign finance violations are "not a crime."
   The charges against Cohen in the tax evasion scheme were linked to his taxi medallion business, where Cohen failed to report more than $4 million in income, which resulted in the Internal Revenue Service not receiving more than $1.4 million in taxes.
   Michael Cohen also pleaded guilty to making false statements to banks in order to secure loans to purchase real estate - not listing $14 million of debt that he owed.
   But the big news was his implication of the President of the United States in a remarkable courtroom moment.  Cohen admitted that "in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office," he kept information that would have harmed the candidate from becoming public during the 2016 election cycle.  -  These were "hush money" payments made to two women who had had extra-marital affairs with the candidate; one of $150,000 to McDougal, and one of $130,000 to Daniels.
   Appearing in court on Tuesday, Cohen said of the charge linked to McDougal that it was done "for the principal purpose of influencing the election."  Regarding the charge linked to Daniels, Cohen said the money "was later repaid to me by the candidate."
   Assistant US Attorney Andrea Griswold said prosecutors would have been prepared to present evidence during a trial that these were so-called "hush-money" payments.  "The proff on these counts at trial would establish that these payments were made in order to ensure that each recipient of the payments did not publicize their stories of alleged affairs with the candidate," she said.
   Michael Cohen faces up to 65 years in prison for his 8 offenses.

Paul Manafort Guilty of 8 Felonies; Another Trial Next Month

After 12 days of trial testimony and 4 days of deliberation, a 12 person jury of his peers found Paul Manafort guilty in 8 out of 18 felony charges.  The 10 charges that the jury could not agree upon were declared a mistrial by Judge T.S. Ellis, and prosecutors have until 29 August to decide if they wish to try Manafort on those 10 counts again, with a different jury.  In the meantime, Manafort also has a trial set to begin in September in Washington, D.C. for 7 felony charges involving money laundering and lobbying for a foreign government without registering as a lobbyist, along with new charges of witness tampering while he was under house-arrest.
   Manafort was found guilty of five tax fraud charges, one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts, and two counts of bank fraud.  He faces a maximum sentence of 80 years in prison.
   It was shown that Paul Manafort had collected $65 million in foreign bank accounts between 2010 and 2014, and had spent more than $15 million on luxury purchases during those years.  He lied to US banks in order to take out more than $20 million in loans once he was no longer receiving money from his sources in Ukraine and Russia in 2015. 
   "Mr Manafort lied to keep more money when he had it, and he lied to get more money when he didn't," prosecutor Greg Andres told the jurors during closing arguments.  "This is a case about lies."
   Since the witness tampering charges came to light in June, Paul Manafort has been in jail.
   And it's interesting to see that the charges the jury found him guilty of were charges that did not involve a conspiracy charge along with Rick Gates, Manafort's partner, who had already plead guilty to the charges against him.  He was a witness for the prosecution, but it seems that the defense was able to convince the jury to view Gates as a suspect witness.
   The 45th President said, after the guilty verdict, that the charges Manafort, his 2018 Campaign Chairman, was convicted on have "nothing to do with Russian collusion" and that it was "very sad."

Identifying the Maryland Assateague (Chincoteague) Ponies - The T and Y Names - Photos

For fans of the Chincoteague ponies that run "loose" on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia, there is an app available for identification, there are books available, and one can also visit DSC Photography's website and see photos of each and every pony through the seasons.  On the Maryland end, the wonderful group, Assateague Island Alliance, has also set up an app for identification of their ponies - but it can't be used or downloaded to a regular old PC.  Since I do not  own a "smart phone" (nor do I wish to do so), I have been compiling photos of the Maryland ponies for identification purposes.  I am going to share them, in small batches, with you.  ** Please note that some of these photos are copyrighted.  Do not copy or use them in any illegal manner.  Respect the time and effort the photographers took to get these photos.**  For some of the more elusive ponies, I have only been able to find one photo, or two, and sometimes only with another pony... I'm still looking for more.
    These are Maryland ponies whose names begin with the letters T and Y...

Tipperary  (N10O)  Chestnut pinto mare, born 1990 - sire was _ ; dam was Old Faithful
Charcoal in front, Tipperary in rear

Tommy Thunderbolt Nektosha  "Tommy" and/or  "Thunder"  (N9BFQ-GP)  Sorrel colt,
born February 2017 -      sire is Assateague Lightning; dam is Harmony     
Tommy and dam Harmony in front

Tommy at left, dam Harmony at right

Tommy napping while Dad stands watch

Yankee (N9BM-E)   Bay pinto stallion, born 2006 - sire was Mane Pride; dam was Princess

Yankee and Something Special

Yankee at left and Bayberry on right

A Yankee Sunset