Thursday, November 1, 2018

Three New Foals; Infected Chincoteague Ponies - Photos

First, the new foals:

Filly born 15 October
by Maverick, out of 15 Friends of Freckles

Colt, born 30 October
by Wild Thing, out of Thetis

Filly, born 31 October
By Maverick, out of Jessica's Sandy

Battling equine pythiosis:
Raindancer (weanling)

Elusive Star



Lyra's Vega


Rest In Peace ...
Essie   (2013 - 2015)

Again, tax-free donations for combating equine pythiosis
(aka swamp cancer) may be made on the website for the
Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company using Pay Pal.
On the donation usage  line write   Vet Care

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