Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dams of the 2019 Chincoteague Pony Foals Part 1

The 56th foal was born on June 19th - and was seen and photographed at a great distance.  The dam is Two Teagues Taco and the sire is Ace; the foal looks like a bay pinto, but might be chestnut pinto.  I'll share photos and a sex when the clear photos arrive.
  In the meantime, here are the dams of the foals that will be sold at the 2019 Pony Penning.  I am listing the dams in the order the foals were born, with their birth date, coat color and sire and dam posted above the mare's photograph.   -  If  a foal is pictured with the mother, that is this year's baby. -
These are the dams of the first 20 foals to be born this year, 2019, on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.

#1 - Catwalk Chaos - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 8 May 2010.  Sire: Chaos (Yankee Savage)  Dam: Paint By Number

#2 - Danny's Girl Splash - bay tobiano pinto
Born 2014.  Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Summer Breeze

#3 - JABATAA - liver chestnut
Born July 2002.   Sire: Cherokee Chief (MD - Roan Patch)   Dam: Rosie O'Grady

#4 - Winter Moon - bay tobiano pinto   (Note: Misty descendant)
Born 2012.   Sire: WH Nightmist   Dam:  -

#5 - Sonny's Legacy - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 10 May 2013.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: Shy Anne (aka Half 'n' Half)

#6 - Destiny's Feathering Spirit - bay tobiano pinto
Born August 2002.  Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Vixen

#7 - Miracle's Natural Beauty - bay tobiano pinto
Born 30 April 2009.  Sire: Miracle Man   Dam: Natural Innocense

#8 - Grandma's Dream - bay tobiano pinto
Born 7 May 2013.   Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Galadriel

#9 - Summer Breeze - bay tobiano pinto
Born August 2006.   Sire: Miracle Man   Dam: Binky's Breeze

#10 - Two Teague's Golden Girl - palomino
Born 14 May 2016.   Sire: Chief Golden Eagle   Dam: Two Teagues Taco

#11 - Dreamer's Gift - silver dilute bay (looks flaxen chestnut)
Born 10 April 2012.   Sire: Surfer Dude   Dam: Lyra's Vega

#12 - Thunderstorm Skies - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 7 May 2013.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: Lily Pad

#13 - Tuleta Star - chestnut
Born 17 July 2002.  Sire: Cherokee Chief (MD - Roan Patch)  Dam: A Touch of Dust

#14 - Tiger Lily (aka Waterbaby) - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born September 2002.  Sire: Cherokee Chief  (MD - Roan Patch)   Dam: Voyager

#15 - Tunie (aka Queenie) - bay tobiano pinto
Born 7 July 2003.  Sire: Willie's Majestic Dreamer   Dam: Seaside

#16 - Doc Amrien - bay tobiano pinto
Born 1 September 2014.    Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Dakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks

#17 - Baybe - black tobiano pinto
Born April 2006.  Sire: Tuffer Than Leather   Dam: April Moon

#18 - Checkers (aka Giraffe) - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born August 1997.   Sire:  -      Dam: Hitch Hiker

#19 - Surfer Princess - silver dilute bay (looks flaxen chestnut)
Born 14 May 2015.   Sire: Surfer Dude   Dam: Surf Queen

#20 - Poco Latte P W - sooty buckskin
Born 15 July 2002.   Sire: Gunner's Moon   Dam: Misty Dawn

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