Sunday, June 18, 2017

Odd Advertisements and Photos

Tonight's News Headlines

"Several Injured After Vehicle Rams People Leaving London Mosque: Witnesses"
"U. S. Warplane Downs Syrian Army Jet In Raqqa Province"
"Gunmen Attack Resort Outside Mali's Capital, Two Dead"
"At Least 62 Killed In Forest Fire Still Raging In Portugal"
"U. S. Navy Confirms All Seven Missing Sailors From USS Fitzgerald Found Dead"
"Iran Fires Several Missiles At Syria Following Tehran Attacks"
"Trump Attorney Says President Not Under Investigation - Then Hedges"
"Six Top Experts Resigned From Donald Trump's HIV/AIDS Advisory Panel"
"EPA Acknowledges Delaying Methane Rule Might Make More Children Sick, But It Will Help the Oil and Gas Industry"
"North Korea  Accuses US Authorities Of  'Mugging' Its Diplomats At NY Airport"
"Turkish President Erdogan Condemns US Warrants Issued To His Security Over Washington Brawl"

What does this say about the state of our world tonight?  All evening, I have had the old song "Eve of Destruction" running through my head...  Barry McGuire released his version in 1965, followed by a quick cover of it by The Turtles; I also remember Paul Revere and the Raiders having it on an album in the early 1970s.  My Uncle fought in Korea in the 1950s; and I grew up with the Viet Nam War - we were usually eating supper and watching horrific news with Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather.  It was a nasty way to grow up, but my Dad, having been in the US Navy for 22 years, believed that my sister and I should see the world as it was/is - and not through rose-colored glasses.
   I have managed to sail into my sixty-first year with, I think, a pretty even look at the world.  I will be the first to admit that I have a "bleeding heart," and sad stories always make me cry.  baby animals make me "coo" like an idiot, and I mourn the death of everything, while I also realize that it's all a part of the cycle of birth,life and death.  I read constantly - histories of different areas of the world, archaeology, explorations of land and sea and space, and a lot of fiction for pleasure.  I have read the Bible, the Torah and the Koran.  I enjoy learning, and applying what I have learned to my everyday life.  I dislike conflict and will do my best to avoid it.  But I am very happy to listen to my friends, whether they are discussing troubles or joys, and, if asked for an opinion, I try to give a measured one - trying to see it from all perspectives.
    I am worried about my country, the United States of America.  There is a narcissistic nincompoop sitting in the Oval Office.  He is not a leader.  He is not a politician.  He is a real estate man who has multiple bankruptcies, who cannot and will not obey laws, who buys his way out of the troubles he causes himself.  He does not work or play well with others.  He has the mind and temperament of a child stuck in the "terrible twos."  He is poorly educated and does not read.  He does not know the history of his own country, let alone the entire world.  According to people inside the White House, he shouts back at the television when someone says something he doesn't like. Yet he is in charge of our nuclear codes.  He is the "Commander in Chief."
   I am truly frightened.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Assateague Photos by Beached Paws Photography

USS Fitzgerald - and Appointees

So the President, who has consistently Tweeted his thoughts, even after the White House Press Staff has stated that 45's Tweets are "official Presidential statements," has now stated that "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!  Witch Hunt"  Hunh.
   Yesterday afternoon in Colorado, but early Saturday morning in the sea off Japan, a Phillipine  container ship collided with the USS Fitzgerald, a 505-foot US Navy missile destroyer.  It looks like the container ship has some buckling of the port bow, but a large section on the starboard of the Fitzgerald was crushed, and the hull is breached under the waterline.  The bilge pumps have been running continuously since the collision, but the ship is listing due to water weight.  The Commanding Officer was air-lifted off the ship and is receiving treatment in Japan.  Multiple sailors are injured, but we have no list of the men, or their injuries.  Two other sailors have been air-lifted from the ship.  The worst part is that seven sailors are missing.  So far, none have been found.  I think that one of my biggest problems with this is that the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, did not say a word about this yesterday - it wasn't until 1 hour ago (almost 18 hours after the accident) that he decided to mention it - on Twitter, of course - "Thoughts and prayers with the sailors of USS Fitzgerald and their families. Thank you to our Japanese allies for their assistance."
   The Japanese Navy has sent one of their ships to aid and support the USS Fitzgerald, along with two tug boats to help guide and support the stricken vessel.  Another US destroyer is on it's way to assist the ship, also.  But one of the biggest problems is that there could be no calls for assistance to the US Japanese Ambassador, nor to the US Navy Secretary - because neither one currently exists.  The positions exist in the government ranks, but no one has been named or nominated to fill those two positions by the current President.  So the US Navy families must just sit on their hands and wait for reports to be vetted and finally released to the world at large.  This stinks for any military family, period.
   Before 45 became President by taking his Oath of Office on 20 January 2017, he was aware that he needed to appoint 558 people for key positions that require the confirmation of the US Senate.  To date, 42  positions have been confirmed.  He has nominated 94 others, and has stated that he wants, but not actually nominated, 7 others.  415 key positions have not been mentioned by the President, and all offices are empty, because he has not yet seen fit to nominate people.  More details on this may be found at:

   If you dislike the sitting President, and have an outrageous sense of humor, I suggest you visit Randy Rainbow's page on Facebook - and especially watch and enjoy his music videos...

Friday, June 16, 2017

Assorted Photos

Lovey and her weapons

Moose family in Boulder County

Young squirrel

Chincoteague Channel sunset

Clint Watts testifying before Congress

Legacy's ladies (and kids) on Assateague
(Surfer Princess is second butt from left in bottom group.)

Surfin' Chantel and Maverick's filly - I think she'll be a very dark bay
once she sheds out

All The Craziness

I keep getting caught up in the increasingly crazy news stories that seem to be happening every day, and, trying to keep up with the facts, I'm spending more time watching "Breaking News" on the 24-hour news stations than anything else...  Apparently I'm truly addicted to it, as I'm fascinated by the stories, and I want to know more, but I am also bored with them at the same time.  A conundrum.
  Attorney General Jeff Sessions almost had an old fashioned spell of the vapors while being questioned by Senator Kamala Harris during his testimony.  AG Sessions, being a true Southern boy, hesitates between every word, and tries to explain every word he uses.  The Senators were given only 5 minutes in which to ask their questions and receive answers. The AG tried to only answer one question, by spinning out his answer, and then, when the Senator interrupted him, said that she was making him "nervous and unable to think clearly."  Sessions is a well-known bigot and I believe that a great part of his reluctance to answer the Senator's questions had quite a lot to do with the fact that she is (a) African-American, and (b) female.  The man is a squirmy worm that wishes he lived in the 18th century, when he would have been lord and master of all he viewed...
   The very next morning, the shooting attack on the House Republican baseball practice occurred.  I am personally sorry for all the fear and pain caused by the shooter, and I hope all the victims recover and can live full lives.  Seemingly, the shooter hated 45 and felt the Republicans were responsible for the chaos that this administration has caused. I believe that, also, but I don't think taking a rifle and shooting House members was the way to protest.  (The Democrats won the game last night, 11 to 2.)
  I was pretty groggy watching the news about the shooting, as I had been up for several hours in the early morning.  When I'm sleeping at home, and not house-sitting, Lovey sleeps in the bed with me.  Lovey is my 13-pound brown tabby cat, who has razor sharp claws.  If I'm sleeping on my back, she sleeps on either one of my shoulders, effectively "pinning" me down (in her mind).  I was sleeping on my back early that morning, with Lovey asleep on my left shoulder.  She apparently had a nightmare, and launched herself across my face, onto my desk, and then head-first into the closed window.  She then looked wildly around and fled under the bed.  At least one of her feet had landed on my left cheek - and I touched the spot to see if I was bleeding.  It was bleeding, so I sat up for a couple of seconds, then walked the 20 feet into my bathroom and turned on the light.  I certainly wished I hadn't.  Blood was literally pouring down my face, under my chin, down my neck, between my breasts, and down to my navel, where it was then cascading to the floor and leaving a huge puddle.  I wanted to laugh hysterically, but I grabbed a huge wad of toilet paper and applied pressure to my cheek instead.  It took five minutes to get the cut to stop bleeding profusely.  Then I examined myself and found I had one small scratch under my eye socket, the very deep, but only 1/3 inch-long bleeder next to my nose, and a very small puncture two inches left of my mouth.  I had to awaken my roommate for first aid assistance, because when I took my glasses off, I couldn't see my face, and I had to have the glasses off to clean the cuts...  And I applied so much pressure to stop the bleeding that my face is still bruised and swollen around the cut today.  We cleaned it out with alcohol and then hydrogen peroxide; placed antibiotic ointment on it, and then a BandAid.  Took a while to get back to sleep after that.
   And I'm frustrated because I keep missing Clint Watts' appearances on MSNBC...  I'd love to hear his take on all the craziness.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Photos of Favorite "RussiaGate" People

Chris Hayes, host; Malcolm Nance, expert

Rachel Maddow, host

Maxine Waters, US Representative

Eric Swalwell, US Representative

Naveed Jamali, expert

Joy Ann Reid, host

Clint Watts, expert