Monday, June 24, 2019

Dams of the 2019 Chincoteague Pony Foals Part 3

The count of foals born this year is now up to 57, with 56 survivors.  (Foal 38 was seen once, but never again.) This  is information on the last 17 mares to have produced a foal so far this year on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.  The numbers denote the numerical order in which the foals were born - this will not be the auction order or number on 25 July.  Listed are the registered names of the mares, their coat color, their birth date, and their sire and dam.  If a foal appears in the picture of the dam, it is this year's baby, and will be for sale by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company.  Please note that on the day of the sale, some of the babies will be declared "Buy Back" foals.  These babies will never leave Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  If you purchase one, you get to name it and have your photo taken with it, but the pony stays in the herd and any and all of it's progeny are owned by the CVFC and will be sold in the future.  (My Buy Back's first foal will be auctioned this summer.)  -  And you will also get a tax write-off, as your pony purchase of a Buy Back is considered a donation to the CVFC.    ....  So here are the last seventeen mothers (again, so far):

#41 - Ivana Marie Zustan "Zustan"  - buckskin
Born 19 May 2016.   Sire: Little Dolphin   Dam: Jessica's Sea Star Sandy

#42 - Alice's Sandcastle - sooty buckskin
Born 27 April 2012.   Sire: North Star   Dam: Living Legend

#43 - Surfer Dude's Gidget - chestnut
Born 12 March 2002.   Sire: Surfer Dude   Dam: Virginia Bell

#44 - Misty Mills - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 20 June 2006.   Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Twirling Lace

#45 - Randy - buckskin tobiano pinto
Born 2014.   Sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides   Dam: Baybe

#46 - Milly Sue - black
Born 29 April 2017.  Sire: Surfer's Riptide   Dam: Leah's Bayside Angel

#47 - Gracie - black tobiano pinto
Born 16 April 2013.   Sire: Sockett To Me   Dam: Leah's Bayside Angel 

#48 - A Splash of Freckles - bay tobiano pinto
Born 25 June 2011.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: 15 Friends of Freckles

#49 - Kachina Grand Star - buckskin
Born 3 June 2003.   Sire: North Star   Dam: Too Grand

#50 - Poco's Starry Night - black overo pinto
Born 9 April 2012.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: Poco Latte PW

#51 - Leah's Bayside Angel - bay
Born July 1999.   Sire: Ocean Star   Dam: Summer Breeze

#52 - Black Pearl - black tobiano pinto
Born 2014.  Sire: Sockett To Me   Dam: Leah's Bayside Angel

#53 - Shy Anne (Half 'n' Half) - bay tobiano pinto
Born July 1999.   Sire: Top Gun (MD - Hot Air Balloon)   Dam: Sunshine

#54 - Little Bit O' Joansie - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 2014.   Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Cinnamon Blaze

#55 - Anne Bonny - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 25 April 2011.   Sire: Yankee Spirit   Dam: MIZ Terry

#56 - Two Teague's Taco - bay
Born 12 July 2005.   Sire: Cinnamon Hologram   Dam: Merry Teapot's High Bid

#57 - May's Grand Slam - bay tobiano pinto
Born 23 April 2012.   Sire: Miracle Man   Dam: Spanish Angel
(May is in center of photo and very pregnant at the time...)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Photos of Foal 56, And One of Foal 57 - Chincoteague Ponies

Darcy and Steve Cole finally got close enough to get some good photos of foal number 56, who arrived on Wednesday, 19 June.  Equine genetics fooled me (again!) in this foals' coat color - the mare is a solid bay (Two Teague's Taco), and a photo surfaced proving that Ace is the sire.  Ace is a minimally marked black overo pinto; so I figured the foal would be a bay pinto.  Wrong!   A beautiful bright chestnut tobiano is the result - and it's a beautiful little filly!

Foal number 57 was spotted this morning, at a far distance.  The dam is May's Grand Slam, and the sire is Ken.  May is a bay tobiano pinto; Ken is a minimally marked chestnut overo pinto.  The photo was taken looking into the sun, so the colors are not true - but the baby is a pinto, chestnut or bay...  (I think it is a bay, myself.)  Better photos will be provided when available.

Dams of the 2019 Chincoteague Pony Foals Part 2

No new foals to report, and no better photo of Two Teagues Taco's pinto foal by Ace...
 So I'll continue with my photos, coat color descriptions, dates of birth and pedigrees for the dams of the 2019 foals born on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.  These are dams of the foals numbered 21 through 40, which is their birth order and/or the order they were first seen.  This will not be the order in which the foals will be auctioned on 25 July at Pony Penning on Chincoteague.  -  If a foal is pictured with the mare's image, it is this year's 2019 baby.

#21 - CJ SAMM'N  - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 7 May 2006.   Sire: North Star   Dam: Slash of White

#22 - Suzy's Sweetheart - chestnut
Born July 1998.   Sire: Cherokee Chief (MD - Roan Patch)  Dam: Voyager

#23 - Surfer's Shining Star "Gingersnap" - chestnut
Born 23 Marrch 2015.   Sire: Surfer Dude   Dam: TSG's Elusive Star

#24 - Surfin' Chantel - chestnut
Born September 2013.  Sire: Rainbow Warrior   Dam: Surfin' Scarlet

#25 - Chickadee - bay tobiano pinto
Born: 15 April 2013.   Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Black Star

#26 - Got Milk - bay tobiano pinto
Born 8 October 2000.   Sire: Top Gun (MD - Hot Air Balloon)  Dam: WaterKolor

#27 - Loveland's Secret Feather - bay tobiano pinto
Born 1 May 2012.  Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Galadriel

#28 - White Saddle - bay tobiano pinto
Born 5 April 2013.  Sire: Witch Doctor   Dam: Wild Island Orchid

#29 - Marguerite of Chincoteague - bay tobiano pinto
Born 25 April 2013.  Sire: Tornado's Legacy or  Archer's Gambit
Dam: Miracle's Natural Beauty

#30 - Seaside Miracle - bay tobiano pinto
Born 7 May 2011.   Sire: Miracle Man   Dam: Seaside

#31 - Little Miss Sunshine - palomino tobiano pinto
Born 3 July 2015.   Sire: Tornado's Prince of Tides   Dam: Baybe

#32 - Precious Jewel - chestnut
Born 2014.   Sire: Phantom Mist   Dam: Unci

#33 - Sweet Jane / Duckie  - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 6 April 2006.   Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Left's Checkmark

#34 - Kimmee Sue - chestnut
Born 2 May 2012.  Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Cinnamon Blaze

#35 -  Bling Bling - bay
Born 24 August 2014.   Sire: Tornado's Legacy   Dam: Unforgettable

#36 - Lorna Dune - palomino tobiano pinto
Born 5 May 2013.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: Jessica's Sea Star Sandy

#37 - Witchkraft (aka Friendly Girl) - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 1992.   Sire: -     Dam: Water Kolor

#38 - foal did not survive; seen one time only
at a great distance.  Mare without foal at next sighting.

#39 - Judy's Little Smooch - dark chestnut
Born 9 August 2016.   Sire: Surfer's Riptide   Dam: Butterfly Kisses

#40 - Shy and Sassy Sweet Lady Suede - palomino
Born 2014.   Sire: Chief Golden Eagle   Dam: Pony Ladies' Sweet Surprise

**  The photos above belong to the people or company that took them.  They are used here with
permission.  If there is a DSC Photography watermark onthe photo, it is their property.  If
there is no watermark, the photo is the property of Gina Aguilera.   **

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dams of the 2019 Chincoteague Pony Foals Part 1

The 56th foal was born on June 19th - and was seen and photographed at a great distance.  The dam is Two Teagues Taco and the sire is Ace; the foal looks like a bay pinto, but might be chestnut pinto.  I'll share photos and a sex when the clear photos arrive.
  In the meantime, here are the dams of the foals that will be sold at the 2019 Pony Penning.  I am listing the dams in the order the foals were born, with their birth date, coat color and sire and dam posted above the mare's photograph.   -  If  a foal is pictured with the mother, that is this year's baby. -
These are the dams of the first 20 foals to be born this year, 2019, on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.

#1 - Catwalk Chaos - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 8 May 2010.  Sire: Chaos (Yankee Savage)  Dam: Paint By Number

#2 - Danny's Girl Splash - bay tobiano pinto
Born 2014.  Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Summer Breeze

#3 - JABATAA - liver chestnut
Born July 2002.   Sire: Cherokee Chief (MD - Roan Patch)   Dam: Rosie O'Grady

#4 - Winter Moon - bay tobiano pinto   (Note: Misty descendant)
Born 2012.   Sire: WH Nightmist   Dam:  -

#5 - Sonny's Legacy - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 10 May 2013.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: Shy Anne (aka Half 'n' Half)

#6 - Destiny's Feathering Spirit - bay tobiano pinto
Born August 2002.  Sire: Courtney's Boy   Dam: Vixen

#7 - Miracle's Natural Beauty - bay tobiano pinto
Born 30 April 2009.  Sire: Miracle Man   Dam: Natural Innocense

#8 - Grandma's Dream - bay tobiano pinto
Born 7 May 2013.   Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Galadriel

#9 - Summer Breeze - bay tobiano pinto
Born August 2006.   Sire: Miracle Man   Dam: Binky's Breeze

#10 - Two Teague's Golden Girl - palomino
Born 14 May 2016.   Sire: Chief Golden Eagle   Dam: Two Teagues Taco

#11 - Dreamer's Gift - silver dilute bay (looks flaxen chestnut)
Born 10 April 2012.   Sire: Surfer Dude   Dam: Lyra's Vega

#12 - Thunderstorm Skies - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born 7 May 2013.   Sire: Leonard Stud   Dam: Lily Pad

#13 - Tuleta Star - chestnut
Born 17 July 2002.  Sire: Cherokee Chief (MD - Roan Patch)  Dam: A Touch of Dust

#14 - Tiger Lily (aka Waterbaby) - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born September 2002.  Sire: Cherokee Chief  (MD - Roan Patch)   Dam: Voyager

#15 - Tunie (aka Queenie) - bay tobiano pinto
Born 7 July 2003.  Sire: Willie's Majestic Dreamer   Dam: Seaside

#16 - Doc Amrien - bay tobiano pinto
Born 1 September 2014.    Sire: Wild Thing   Dam: Dakota Sky's Cody 2 Socks

#17 - Baybe - black tobiano pinto
Born April 2006.  Sire: Tuffer Than Leather   Dam: April Moon

#18 - Checkers (aka Giraffe) - chestnut tobiano pinto
Born August 1997.   Sire:  -      Dam: Hitch Hiker

#19 - Surfer Princess - silver dilute bay (looks flaxen chestnut)
Born 14 May 2015.   Sire: Surfer Dude   Dam: Surf Queen

#20 - Poco Latte P W - sooty buckskin
Born 15 July 2002.   Sire: Gunner's Moon   Dam: Misty Dawn

**  Please note that photos belong the the person or company who took them.
The photos with the DSC Photography watermark belong to them.  The
photos without a watermark are the property of Gina Aguilera. **