Friday, January 19, 2018

My Favorite Memes


A study says that people who read several books each year have a tendency to live two years longer than people who don't.  Now, I definitely don't want to live forever, but there for a while, I was reading a book a day; I've currently slowed down to one every two or three days.  How much more will that extend my life, I wonder?  - Not much, I'm sure.
  Today is my sister's 68th birthday....  Kathy Jo was born at the Chincoteague Naval Air Station today, with the help of forceps, as she was a breech presentation.  Mom had so much internal damage they told her she'd never conceive again - but here I am!  (Our family likes to confound the medical profession.)  For her birthday, I gave her a copy of Killers of the Flower Moon - The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.  I'm on the reserve waiting list for a copy from the library.
   I've been re-reading some favorites, and found a three-in-one Andre Norton hardcover.  Apparently I read two of the novels when I was in 7th grade, but I don't remember the third one, which I'm about two-thirds through...  I have a copy of the new C. J. Cherryh Foreigner series book, Emergence, to read; and I'm awaiting the arrival of my autographed copy of City on the Edge of Darkness by Preston and Child.
  I just received my new Bas Bleu catalog, and I've spotted another 10 books that look intriguing - I'll have to order them from the library - and I still need to sitdown at my PC and read May Day Over Wichita, which my cousin Sarah highly recommends.
    After several nights of single digit temperatures, the Chinook winds arrived early this morning, and it was 47 degrees when I left to care for Pip and Squeak; 49 when I returned.  It's supposed to reach the mid-60s again this afternoon (it was 68 yesterday), before getting chilly again tomorrow.  Then snow is forecast for Sunday, with a high of 30....  We'll see!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

People I Admire - Photos

Caroline Kennedy and Barack and Michele Obama

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Annie Velma Johnston - "Wild Horse Annie" -
who made a life-time effort to preserve the wild mustangs
as a symbol of Western freedom

Amelia Earhart

The Aurness family -
Mr. Aurness, grandson, and James Arness, actor

Tom Mix, actual cowboy and movie star

Shaken and Stirred

I was taking an early nap yesterday, when I was awakened by the door bell.  Having been sound asleep, for some crazy reason I yelled, "Who is it?" just as my roommate yelled, "I'll get it."  Then I heard Bea say, "Miz Devine," and that was all.  I then suddenly realized that my sister was in my bedroom, looking distressed.  I immediately sat up and put on my glasses.  Kathy looked like she was going to burst into tears at any second, so I welcomed her, hugged her, and took her by the hand to encourage her to sit on the side of the bed.  Jokingly, I asked, "Are you lost?" and was astounded when she nodded her head and said, "Yes."
  That response was like having a glass of ice water poured down my back.  We continued to sit, and I put my arms around her and rocked her, making soothing noises as she cried.  Once she was finished, I started asking questions, and found that she had gone to a Roku session at Blair Chandler's office on 30th Street.  She stated she had emerged feeling "blissful."  She was waiting for her husband to pick her up, but he didn't appear.  She tried to call him, and found that her cell phone was dead.  She wandered in the area around Blair's office for a while, and then realized that my apartment was close enough to walk to.
   I called her house, and got no answer.  Then I called her husband's cell and, when he answered, asked if he had lost my sister.  He said, well, yes, he had...  and that their son Mike and grandson Finn were waiting at their house.  I said that Kathy was at my place, and offered to drive her home, which he accepted.   And, the thing that topped it all off, was that, when I got Kathy home, the front door was locked, and she had no key to get inside.  She cried again, poor thing.  When I took Kathy home, I found out that there was no appointed time for him to pick her up; he was waiting for her phone call.  Her phone was dead, of course.  So he went looking for her after it seemed well past time for her to be finished. Of course, they missed each other completely.
   Poor big sister.  I have felt lost and alone many times.  I have cried hopeless tears until sleep finally swept me away.  But the stark fear I saw in my sister's face yesterday shook me immensely.  We have "joked" that she has chemo-brain, and mushy-brain, from her cancer treatments - but yesterday was quite an experience, for both of us.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Senate Commerce Committee Hearing

The Senate Commerce Committee hearing regarding interference with Facebook, You Tube and Twitter - and with my friend Clint Watts as a cyberspace watch-dog is fascinating...  You can view it at:   
   It's about Russian interference with our communications, news, and social media outlets.  Clint is upset because he has presented his Hamilton Dashboard 68 to multiple governmental agencies, and all of them shrug his findings off....  View the Dashboard and get information regarding it at:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Sitting here, at my computer desk, looking out the west facing window, I just saw a raven land on top of the telephone pole, arch his neck and vocalize.  He "cawed" four times, with four separate plumes of breath steam ejecting from his mouth with each call.  - The temperature has climbed up to 7 degrees (F), from the 4 degrees it was when I first went out this morning.  Very high thin clouds, with plenty of sunshine out there - but, brrrrrr!  The gigantic thermometer on the shed at Pip and Squeak's house read 4 when I was getting fresh kitty litter in for them at 7:30 today.
   Had scrambled eggs, potato chunks and bacon for breakfast, after taking care of the black girls; the topped off the bird feeders and put almonds out for the squirrels, jays and ravens.  I had picked up a hard cover trilogy of books by Andre Norton a while ago, at the used book store.  I started reading the first novel, and I was almost finished when I realized I had last (and first) read the book when I was in 7th grade - that was the 1968-69 school year.  (Yikes!)
    I'm going to make meatballs in marinara sauce this afternoon.  I have all the ingredients and I'll heat up the crockpot and let things simmer until supper time.  Looking forward to dinner!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King, Junior Day

Today should be a day that is celebrated with quiet, peaceful gatherings, and with speeches celebrating the Reverend's peaceful life-long battle for the equality of all people on this planet.  There are marches and rallies planned across our nation today to celebrate this man and his dream, and I really hope that all of them will be quiet, respectful, and peaceful.
   Today should be celebrated with LOVE for everyone.