Monday, July 28, 2008

Brighton & Chincoteague

I arrived in Brighton Saturday evening; the critters knew something was going on because they'd seen their people packing suitcases earlier. We had dinner and then went out for some ice cream, returned and watched a Comic Relief presentation of Doctor Who (with Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor).  An early bedtime was necessitated by an early flight time.

Nikki was upset and spent most of yesterday pacing through the house and looking for her master; Kohlbi just wanted to eviscerate every toy he could get his mouth on; and the cats were pretty blase about the whole thing. I took the dogs for an hour-long walk in the morning, and a 30 minute walk in the evening, and explored the neighborhood.

This is Pony Penning week on Chincoteague. Were I there, I'd be at the holding pens on Assateague Island at this very moment, looking over the stallions,  mares and foals; and seeking old friends and distant cousins among the "Saltwater Cowboys." The round-up men would have started the round-up on the northern end of Assateague  on Friday; and the vet for the CVFD would have already looked over the ponies and decided which were too young, too old, or too pregnant to make the swim across the Channel on Wednesday morning. These ponies will already be in the holding pens at the carnival grounds on Chincoteague, having been trailered there by the cowboys who work for the Fire Department.  I can almost smell the mud flats, the sea breeze from Tom's Cove, the insect repellant, and the wonderful odor of horses!

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