Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chautauqua, Cats, Dogs, and Buses

Dinner at Chautauqua last night was great fun - we sang "Happy Birthday' to Anne over our desserts, and then we were joined by a young boy who was having his 7th birthday at the next table, and he wanted to wish Anne a "very Happy Birthday, too!" When their desserts came out, we joined in singing "Happy Birthday" to Nicholas, and ended up with the entire balcony seating area joining in.

My kits were happy to have me home last night - 5 minutes after I went to bed Lovey brought me her ball for a game of throw and fetch, and Banichi brought his favorite shoe-lace and curled it up gently on my right knee. Right now, the patio door is open and Lovey is lying under the observation chair there at the door, while Banichi is stretched out on my desk top. I've filled up the bird feeders and put out squirrel feed to keep the kids occupied until I get back for my visit home tomorrow.

Brandi and I said good-bye for a little while last night - her real family was due home around 11 p.m. And I'm getting ready to go stay with Lucy and Pepper - Lucy is half Beagle and half Dachshund, Pepper is half Yorkshire terrier and half Maltese - and they keep me busy. I'll be heading out their way via bus and then on foot today - it's about 2 1/2 miles to their house from the bus stop. Tomorrow, when I don't have my backpack and grocery bags with me, I'll cover that distance by bike (thank goodness our buses have bike racks on them!).

Here's hoping for rain here, and whatever kind of weather you need where you live!

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