Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chickens, Dogs, & Cats

Even though I complained yesterday, I really do enjoy taking care of critters. Yesterday I was amazed at how quickly the chickens devoured some left-over yellow rice that I had cooked with peas, carrots and broccoli. They also got some wilted lettuce, part of an apple, and their usual scratch and corn. And don't forget the water!  I carry two gallons of fresh water out to them every morning.  When I approach the coop door, they watch very carefully to see if I have anything "special" with me, and if I have something other than the water bucket, they come all around and cluck and fluff their feathers at me.  I tell the girls they're beautiful, and I tell Eliphalet Pease that he is the handsomest rooster I've ever seen. It's silly, but that's me.

Hila has been wonderful; even though she feels the puppy is trespassing in her territory.  The puppy, Smiley, has been extremely well-behaved for a 12 1/2 week-old. She wants to please and is a very quick learner.

I'm about to head home for a little time with my cats - I need to love Banichi and Leofgifu every day for my own sake (and theirs). Eliphalet Pease is crowing away in the backyard, Hila is asleep next to the desk, and Smiley has pretty much passed out from exhaustion (as puppy's do) at my feet. I need to collect the emptied trash cans before I  head out....  Have a great rest of the week!!

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