Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool mountain morning & missing Chincoteague

It's a nice, cool (58) morning out - I've already walked Pepper and Lucy, seen myriad birds, a fox, lots of bunnies, and a skunk. We are expecting dry, sunny skies today - so I need to get on my way to the bus stop - but it is nice out now.

Lucy and Pepper's family are due back Sunday night, and I'll be able to sleep in my bed with my kits, and walk my 5 miles whenever I awaken in the morning. I always enjoy my pet-sitting, but I'm always happy to get back home. My only "problem" during my pet-sitting duties usually occurs the first night of the stay, when I have to figure out which house I'm in, and where the bathroom is relative to where I am, if I have to 'go' during the night.

Only 19 days until Pony Penning and 20 until the auction - I always feel a "pull" to be there on Chincoteague and Assateague at this time of year. Last night I dreamed I was wandering around the White Hills on Assateague, seeking my goats and sheep. I used to wander the White Hills quite often, before the USFWD decided to put the area off limits. Summer breezes, smelling of salt water; the hum of super-sized mosquitoes at night; the smell of the tidal marshes and the plop of turtles going into the water after sunning; the smell of rain and lightning in the air, along with the grumble of thunder; the sound of surf and gulls; the sound of waves patting the piers - I do miss the islands!

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