Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dragonfly at Dusk

I opened the patio door at 6 yesterday evening - and both Lovey and Banichi disappeared out into the heat. I also opened my window curtain, but left the door curtain closed; and the kits came running back and forth for several hours. (I use the door curtain as a fur brush, as Banichi likes to roll in the birdseed hulls and Lovey just loves dirt.) Just as I was considering closing the door, around 8:30, both kits burst into the room. It took me a few moments to see that they were chasing a huge dragonfly; it finally lit on the ceiling, out of the kits' reach. This morning, I opened the door curtain when I was filling the bird feeders, and the big blue guy was able to make his escape - with both Lovey and Banichi again giving chase. I watched him fly over the privacy fence, which stymied the kits, and gave a big sigh for him - he'd escaped certain death.

Kathy, my sister, walked last night (and is still walking) in the American Cancer Society's Walk for Life Relay (from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m.). She called before she left to walk, and told me if I had a sleepless night, I was welcome to come walk with her. I slept like a log - I don't know if it's the heat or the change in my medication, or the fact that I'm in my own bed with the kits - but I never woke up during the night.

I'm headed for Brighton tonight - I'll have a Samoyed, a German short-haired pointer, and four cats/kittens to watch over and take care of. Two of the cats are older, and two are less than a year old - and they all like to swish their tails in the dogs' faces. They are a fantastic group of personalities, and their owners are two very special people.

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