Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fabulous Fireworks

The fireworks at Folsom Field last night were fantastic! My neighbor, who's moved here from Hawaii, and I sat out and thoroughly enjoyed the 30-minute show. Since we're so close to the stadium, we could hear the music that was played before and during the display, as well. And, just before th start of the fireworks, a gentle breeze started blowing, and helped to cool most of us watching.

Yesterday I purchased a toy for Brandi - she's not mine, but I love her. She loves soft cloth toys with squeakers inside them; so I got her a pale green wooly lamb with a really obnoxious squeak. I gave it to her last night when I got there after the fireworks - she was slightly offended because I smelled like my cats - but the toy mended our fences. She chased it all over the house and would pounce on it and make it squeak multiple times before returning it to me to be thrown again. She even brought the lamb to bed with us!

Back at home for the moment - the kits are lazing in the backyard, as it's 95 degrees out there. Since it's so warm, the birds are staying in shaded areas and not coming to the feeders right now - they'll hit us for supper around about 6 p.m. - and then the kits will be entertained, because that's when I'll head back to Brandi. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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