Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fox Kits and Mule Deer

I awoke this morning to the sounds of magpies, robins and grackles angrily chattering; so I put on my glasses and looked out the window. Two young fox kits were trotting across the backyard, zig-zagging through a group of 10 mule deer. Brandi was gently snoring beside me, with her green lamb toy under one paw - otherwise, she'd have wanted out. Brandi's backyard is about one acre in size, so the deer and fox aren't unusual - but I was very happy she was asleep. The last time she was chasing deer in the yard, she got so excited she forgot where things were, and ran head-first into a tree and cut up her nose and face pretty badly. - This morning, the backyard was a nice, pastoral scene to awaken to.

We're expecting some rain today - and it's needed. We're almost 6 inches short of our usual rainfall at this time of year. I don't want to wish flooding on anyone - but we could use a week of light rain. I'm headed to the library this afternoon for more reading material; and am putting in new family info to be up-loaded to the web next weekend.

Tomorrow is Anne Snow's 79th birthday. We're taking her to Chautaqua for dinner, and I'm giving her three mystery books set in the past in Scotland and Ireland. She's a retired school-teacher, originally from Yorkshire, England (though her bloodline is Scots and Irish), and is my brother-in-law's step-mother. I love to talk to her and listen to her stories of growing up during the Blitz in England.

Lovey and Banichi have come back in from our backyard and are demanding attention from me - so I'll sign off for today. Enjoy your Sunday!

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