Friday, July 4, 2008

A Happy, Hot Fourth of July

It's July in the foothills, so it is hot. We're supposed to be in the mid-90s today - it was nice early this morning when Brandi and I walked around Wonderland Lake. Then I waved good-bye to Kathy and Jim as they left to go do a butterfly count up in the mountains, walked back to the bus stop and headed home to my kits. Both were happy to see me, they ate well, and then hurried outside to play in the backyard. I've been checking up on and replying to e-mail, while watching the Greeley 4th of July Parade - it's amazing to watch long-horn cattle being driven down Main Street these days!

Brandi is such a nice dog. She's completely blind, but has excellent hearing (last night she was chasing a fly around the house), and she loves to snuggle. She has a problem with arthritis, but gets along well when it isn't cold and wet outside. If you put her tennis ball under her nose and tell her you're going to throw it, she'll chase the sound of it hitting the ground - and sometimes makes incredible catches. She gets fed and has medicine to take twice-daily, and I walk her every morning. I also sleep in her teen-age owner's bed, so she can have a sleeping companion.

Since it is the Fourth, there will be all sorts of things happening today in Boulder - multiple free concerts, the AVP volleyball tour will play at Folsom Field, and tonight there will be three different bands at the Field, along with a group singing Woody Guthrie and Americana songs; and, of course, the fireworks display around 10 p.m.

I'll be going back to Brandi's house to give her dinner and have my own, then returning to my apartment, where I can hear the bands without having to deal with the crowd. I'll step outside into the parking lot for the fireworks; and then Kathy and Jim will give me a ride back to Brandi in North Boulder, when they've finished watching the show (they're parking in my spot tonight).

This is the day, that, more than any other, I think of the past and the sacrifices our forefathers made to insure that we have freedom - here's praise and blessings to all those who have given of themselves for our country!

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