Monday, July 14, 2008


There's no place like home.... Frank Baum hit the nail on the head with that line. I'm at my desk, in my apartment, listening to birds on the patio and in the backyard, and having the cats come in and check to see that I haven't disappeared again. I never leave them loose and go anywhere - I don't trust the cats to behave well and responsibly for long. Lovey likes to steal deli meats from neighbors, besides bringing the odd stick and anything live that she's managed to catch back inside. Banichi is less out-going, but does bring his flutterby catches back inside, too.

I just looked around - Banichi is sprawled on the top shelf of the bookcase; Lovey was in the shade of a wicker chair on the patio, but came in when she saw me looking at her. So I've closed the patio door and turned on the fan, and will soon start cleaning the house, washing the few dishes that are dirty, and then I'll let myself relax in the 15th century for a while. After that, I'll be back on-line working on the family tree.

It was cool this morning and there was a nice breeze for my 5-mile walk. I stopped and picked up a fresh bagel at the bakery around the corner on my way home - that and some strawberries and blueberries and some Mango Splash juice made up a filling breakfast. I need to go grocery shopping and stock up on kitty food - and my food - since I'm home for the rest of the month.
A cousin I've only met via e-mail will be visiting later this month - I'll take him out to dinner and swap family stories with him before he drives on to California. (I did miss the coyote serenade last night.)

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