Thursday, July 24, 2008

Light rain

We actually had a little bit of rain yesterday - the roads were wet, and there were raindrops sitting on the grass blades in the yard. Hooray! I'm back home for a few nights before heading out to Brighton; Banichi brought me his shoelace three times last night/this morning, and I thanked him for it's presentation. Lovey just wanted to cuddle on my lap and/or chest and be constantly stroked.

It was very nice this morning - went for my walk at 5 a.m., listened to the birds awakening in the trees, was able to enjoy the coolness from the water in Boulder Creek. I've refilled all the bird feeders, and placed some peanuts out for the squirrels. The kits are running in and out, enjoying an early morning of freedom.

Cousin Mike, from Kansas City, didn't arrive as scheduled yesterday evening, so I'll be meeting him this morning - and hopefully be able to introduce him to Kathy. Cousin Rick has been sending a lot of family information from Massachusetts that I need to put into my files and then put on-line. I will be getting photos put onto DVD today, so I can (finally) share some of my photos with you.

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