Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ricky and the Kits

It's already warmer here than it is in Florida - but Florida has all the humidity and Colorado doesn't. I walked my 5 miles, then took a long, cool shower this morning. When I opened the patio door, Ricky (a young squirrel) was sitting in the wicker chair looking wistful - so I put out some peanuts for him to eat. He got nose-to-nose with Lovey after his second nut, and then had to brazen it out with Banichi. Banichi put his paw on the end of Ricky's tail, but let him slip away.

Banichi has decided that the desktop is his new territory; he plops down on the keyboard while I'm working, or wriggles into the space between the edge of the desk and the keyboard - and the he just gradually spreads out until there isn't any room for any activities.

I'm going to take some film in and get it developed today - then I'll put together a selection of photos to share with my friends on-line. - I hope it won't be too egocentric! I'll also be visiting DeJa, the Cocker, today; and am also scheduled to visit him on Friday. I'm going to have to contact my pet's families and get permission to photograph them so I can use their photos here. DeJa's family has already OK'd it, as has Suki and Boo's family.... I think most of the other families will approve, as well. - Next month it's Hila and the chickens ruled by Eliphalet Pease (he's the Bantam rooster); and Suki and Boo. In September, it's Spike and Suki and Boo - hope to get some good photos to share!

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