Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seven inches shorter!

I lost seven inches yesterday - seven inches of hair. Kathryn, who hasn't cut my hair in almost two years, was delighted when I walked in and said, "Do what you want with it - just make it shorter and more light-weight." So she cut off seven inches of hair all over my head - using a razor and giving the thing "texture." I like it - it's different - it's definitely lighter, so the back of my head doesn't sweat as much - and I can do all sorts of things with the front/top... I'll get someone to take another photo of me soon, so I can share the new look.

I sent around to most of my friends and family a videoclip that's on YouTube - a friend/neighbor taped the play of a mother fox and her kits in his backyard for almost ten minutes. Olivier's yard is adjacent to three of the homes where I pet- and house-sit. If you didn't get the clip and would like to, please let me know, and I'll send it to you.

I stretched my walk to six miles this morning - it's warm, but overcast, and we are hoping for rain today and tomorrow. The kits have been behaving - the birds and squirrels and raccoons have been on their usual visiting schedules. One of the folks I pet-sit for has had a death in her family - she has asked if I'm available to take care of her 6 critters while she's gone, and I've said yes - so I might be off gallivanting soon.

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