Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Snow still on the Front Range; Chincoteague Sand

Driving west towards Boulder this morning, I was surprised to still see snow on the peaks of the Front Range - today is our 17th day in a row of 90-degree-plus temperatures, and I guess I expected to see bare rock... I have the use of a Prius Hybrid this week; it's a nice little car, and the fact that I'm getting 52 mpg really makes me feel better about driving back to Boulder to spend time with my kits.

Lovey and Banichi greeted me with cries of welcome, lots of head-butting, and plenty of rubbing, marking and purrs. I fed them and loved them, and then opened the patio door so they could have a run outside. The birds have been making great inroads into the feeders lately - I guess they don't have to expend as much energy when I supply a lot of food during these hot days.

Ah, Chincoteague. If I were there, I'd either be on the beach or at the holding pen on Assateague. Today is the usual day for the blacksmith to trim hooves, and for the vet to get another over-all look at the herds. Any stragglers the firemen/cowboys find will be brought in today. Children and adults will be standing around the pens, choosing their favorite pony, and if they are there to purchase one, they are hoping not to get caught in a major bidding war during Thursday morning's auction. Tomorrow is the Annual Pony Swim - sometime between 6 am and 1 pm, at slack tide (when the ocean current is not running in either direction). The US Coast Guard cutter will determine slack tide and shoot a flare, letting the round-up men at Old Dominion Point know that it's time to start herding the ponies into the water. - There's no doubt about it - I've got Chincoteague sand in my shoes, and I'm always drawn to my mother's island home.

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