Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some Like it Hot - I don't.

The heat is on outside, the sprinklers are on outside, the dogs are chewing bones inside, and I'm on-line. It's half-past 9 p.m., and the thermometer by the birdbath says it's 80 degrees outside. I turned the sprinkler system on at 8, and will turn it off at 10:30 - hoping the plant and grass roots will get enough for the night.

After the two cratings for barking, Pepper immediately gets quiet when I tell him "No" if he starts up. Lucy just looks on, acting very superior. I had to distract her and Pepper from a young cotton-tail that was sitting on the edge of the patio this morning - and happily was successful. Pepper decided to wrestle with Lucy this afternoon and seemed surprised that she didn't let him win; he yelped and went around the bar corner to hide, then came back for more, but finally went and sulked on his bed. We have been taking an hour walk each morning and evening, as well as frequent visits out into the yard - and everybody is doing fine.

I've gone home once each day and spent time with the kits - fed them, loved them, cleaned their litter boxes, and spent time lying on the bed so they could cuddle with me. They are just wonderful kits! Walking out to the bus stop in the morning isn't bad - it's getting back here in the afternoon heat that is so draining. Luckily, friends (for whom I also pet-sit) have picked me up the past two afternoons as I've been trudging along the highway with my backpack and a bag of groceries. - Thank you, thank you!

Tomorrow is supposed to be almost as hot as today (98 degrees and 8% humidity), so hopefully Steve's and Indie's family will see me out hiking tomorrow; Saturday and Sunday we're supposed to cool down into the mid 80s, with a good chance of rain on Sunday. (Come on, rain!)

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