Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sleeping Alone

Yoshi and Aiko sleep in their own beds, so I did not have any warm furry bodies with me last night, but I will sleep with Lovey and Banichi tonight and be very happy. I also need to put out more nuts for Gimpy and his pals when I return. The red kids were super during their walk and play session yesterday - but I stopped by the house last night to drop off a few scones, and Nancy and I couldn't talk because the kids were so excited to see me at an unusual hour. It was weird. I did enjoy standing in the kitchen while making the scones yesterday afternoon... Mary has six bird feeders hanging under the eaves in front of the main kitchen window, so I was able to enjoy the birds' antics while I was making up and baking the scones. Yesterday, I made a batch that contained strawberries and blueberries. And, even though I say so myself, they were good!
I'm still coughing from my bronchitis, but not as badly as I was last week; and my knee seems to be a little improved. After wearing the brace for several days, I actually went up and down a set of stairs yesterday and never gave it a thought... It does hurt, but not as much, so it must be getting better - though I will admit I take Aleve every night about an hour before I go to bed.
Besides the birds yesterday, I've been able to see several mule deer, two different fox, a large number of both grey and red squirrels, and a couple of coyotes during this past week. And it was nice to see (and hear) the the Ritters have replaced some of the chickens that "went missing" from the Chandler house while the South African couple were there last summer. I am really, completely and totally booked up until the first of August right now. It's nice to know I'm wanted and appreciated, but at the same time it's a little daunting. But - I guess it goes to show that I really am happier with critters than with a group of people!

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