Sunday, April 18, 2010

At the Snow House

Lovey and I spent our first night together, away from home, without Banichi. She stuck to me like a leech. We were at Kathy and Jim's house, and Suki and Boo were in great evidence, finding Lovey of supreme interest. She slept either on top of me, or under the blankets, glued to my left side, during the night. And she wasn't too thrilled when I left her yesterday evening and this morning, to visit with Ooch. But she is eating and drinking well, so I have no complaints. - The collection of items at the fox den entrance haven't changed in the last week, but there there was a fresh pile of dirt off to the north of it yesterday.
Yesterday was grey and drippy, but the sun is shining this morning, and the forecast is for isolated thunderstorms this afternoon (and every afternoon through Thursday). I finally down-loaded my photos from my camera, and will begin to share them in this blog starting tomorrow. There were no photos of my cats, but there are photos of most of the critters I've cared for recently. And I think that a couple of photos taken up at Caribou Ranch, north of Nederland, came out very well. Enjoy your weekend!

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