Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cats and Zenyatta

About two inches of wet snow fell this morning... the street are wet, the only accumulation is on grassy areas. The wind was bitter yesterday, but is supposed to die down today. Friday is the Rockies' opening home game of the season, and the weather folks are saying it'll be bright, sunny, and 65. Ooch is talking to me, wanting more attention. He sat in my lap for two hours last night, while we watched Jeopardy, the last half of Countdown, and then NCIS. He was very content, and is absorbing every bit of love and attention he can get. His Mom returns Thursday afternoon, and then I'll just be walking the Rs until the 28th, when I move in with Aiko and Yoshi. I've been hit with a slew of cancellations, so that while I now have bookings through October 1st, I also have plenty of time to spend with my kits.
Most of my traveling about Boulder is done by bus - and in the last 4 days, there have been 3 fatal RTD bus accidents, two in Denver and one in Lafayette. Here's hoping that it ends with three. .... Zenyatta, the undefeated mare who beat the boys in the $5 million Breeders Cup Classic this fall, has not retired. She has raced three times this year and is scheduled to run in the Apple Blossom Invitational Handicap on Saturday. Because racing fans wanted to see a race between Zenyatta and the three-year-old champion Rachel Alexandra, a decision was made to keep her racing. Both mares were invited, and up until the end of March, both were expected to run. Then Rachel's owners opted out of the race. Had the two mares met at Oaklawn Park, the purse would have been $5 million - as it is, only four owners and trainers were willing to race Zenyatta at a mile and one-eighth. Zenyatta will carry 123 pounds, while her opponents carry 120 and 117 pounds. Zenyatta is the favorite. .... Lovey and Banichi were upset that I smelled of Ooch when I got home last night. I had to shower and place my clothes in the hamper to keep them from being true brats. Where Ooch had sat upon my lap, he apparently left a heavy scent which both of my kits sniffed with flehmen, and tried to cover up the spot.... Have a good day!

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