Friday, April 30, 2010

A Fall, and Lovey

It's always embarrassing when you fall off a horse. Donna Brothers, the ex-jockey/sports analyst for NBC, was dumped this morning at Churchill Downs while doing a live segment for the Today show. Al Roker was riding Pancho, D. Wayne Lukas' stable pony, and Brothers was mounted on Cowboy, Bob Baffert's pony; Cowboy shied as a group of horses approached them on the training track, and Donna bit the dust. She was on her feet again within 5 seconds, but Cowboy had taken off down the track. Pancho and Al just stood/sat and watched in disbelief. They finished the interview with Donna on foot, then moved into the winner's stand for a follow-up. Rain is predicted for the Derby, and Donna Brothers states that a muddy track will favor colt Paddy O'Prado.
Lovey has had a super time exploring the back and front yard here. She's really funny... If she's out of my eyesight, she talks constantly to let me know where she is and that she's safe. She's made several excursions outside, generally in the back, but seems to be comfortable - and she loves the huge cottonwood tree that has the side fence built around it; it seems to be perfect for climbing. I keep telling her not to hop the fence because Remy and Rosie next door will think she's a squirrel, and, therefore, prey. It's partly cloudy this morning, and snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow night. Doesn't Mother Nature realize that tomorrow is May Day? Vail, Breckenridge, Snowmass, etc. are expecting one to two feet of new snow by Sunday morning.

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