Friday, April 16, 2010

Fox Den

When I returned home from walking the Irish kids and seeing my therapist yesterday, I was surprised to find that Lovey had removed the afghan from the bed, taken it across the room, and had pulled it up onto the loveseat to create a nice little nest. To my knowledge, this is the first time she's done something like this. .... I've been monitoring the entrance to a fox den while out waking the Rs: I don't know if a single fox, or a couple, inhabit this spot, but since January, it/they has/have been busy collecting. Since the beginning of the year, the resident(s) of this den has(have) collected two pairs of leather work gloves, one pair of cotton garden gloves, and the latest addition is a black leather shoe (the left one). Recently, the gloves have been disappearing, one by one, almost in the order they appeared; yesterday there was one pair of leather gloves and the shoe at the den entrance. What I find interesting is that the Irish Setters don't react to the den at all - even though they want to chase squirrels and deer.
The seasonal spring streams are running like mad with snow melt. This morning the clouds are hovering on the tops of Flagstaff Mountain and Mount Sanitas. The weather people say that it might rain this afternoon - they forecast thunderstorms for Thursday night through Sunday, but so far, it looks like the rain is staying in the southeast corner of the state. It's 42 degrees outside, but the humidity is 89% - which is weird for Colorado.

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