Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garage Door Ooops

I again have Ooch settled in my lap while I write. His Mom is due home this evening, so I'll just be walking the Rs and spending time with Lovey until the 28th, when I head over to Aiko and Yoshi's house. The sky above the mountains is blue - what can be seen of it -this morning, there is fog clinging to the top of Flagstaff, and to the east everything is grey and dreary. We're not expecting rain until late Wednesday night and early Thursday, however. - I didn't feel well last night, so Kathy came over from next door and fed and loved Ooch for me (I was at home, in bed with Lovey). I had also asked her to open the garage door and roll out the recycling bin for early trash pick up this morning. She called me last night, and her voice dropped low, and she sounded very serious, so I braced myself for her to tell me that Ooch had died. Nope - he was fine, but she couldn't remember how to open Connie's garage door, and had disconnected it, instead. Ooops. She also told me that her daughter, Sarah, had just called, looking for automotive advice, as her little astroturf-covered car had died up on the Peak to Peak Highway, as she was returning home from work. Jim just came over and showed me (and Kathy) how to re-set the garage door opener, so I've learned something this morning.
I found out from Sarah, herself, that her radiator had cracked. I was surprised to find her already on the 204 this morning when I boarded to head up to north Boulder. We chatted about the wedding she had been a bridesmaid in on Saturday (she was asked on April 1st if she would be a "fill-in", and thought it was an April Fool's joke), and about the car, about Missy and Barry still helping out in Haiti, and about the partial spinal column I had found in Kathy and Jim's backyard. Then we arrived at Riverside, and I departed, leaving her heading up to Broadway and Yarmouth, so she could catch the bus to Lyons.... For my sports note of the day, I'll just say, Go, Avalanche! Go, Nuggets!

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