Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I didn't sleep well and finally struggled out of bed at 9 this morning... It's afternoon and is still in the lower 50s outside, and is also quite damp. Lovey is sitting on the edge of the patio trying to decide if she wants to go out and run or not. I started new meds yesterday (for my depression - the psych says he wants to make me feel "like it's Spring time inside" me. Yeah, right.) and had nightmares all night and throughout the early morning hours... I don't even know if I want to go to sleep again because the dreams were so disturbing. The red kids and I had a long walk and then a quick stop to check out the fox den entrance. I met and spoke with Izzy and one of her owners' yesterday - she's the dog that Remy knocked down this past summer, and who's owners tried to get the Rs declared too vicious to live. What's scary is that I've known the owners for 5 years, knew their previous dog, and had no idea it was them Joel spoke about.... Izzy is a silver gray Bouvier des Flandres puppy, not quite a year old now, and rather spooky about other dogs and people. After her previous experience with the Rs, I can understand why.
The day after Banichi died, I was in pretty poor shape; Larry, the bus driver on my way home from walking the Rs, decided to distract me. He pointed at the top of a roof at the corner of Pearl and 20th , and asked why in the world would someone place an old-fashioned (circa 1915) gasoline pump on top of a building. The building is currently occupied by two businesses - Four Star Realty, and Color Me Mine (a paint-it-yourself ceramics shop); they have no idea why the gas pump is there. I contacted Silvia Pettem, the Boulder historian, and she is stumped as well. So, once we find out the reason for a gas pump on a roof, we'll let you know....

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