Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Justice for a Shiba Inu

Last April, Boulder police responded to a neighbors' complaint of a domestic dispute. They were aghast to find a small dog duct-taped upside down to the door of the home's refrigerator. Not only was the dog taped, it had multiple elastic hair bands placed around its' tail, ears, nose, and paws, and its' muzzle had been tied to its collar - it was completely immobilized. Abby Toll admitted that she did this to Rex, her boyfriend's dog, to "get back at him" because he paid more attention to the young dog, and because the dog had bitten her in the past. A jury of Ms. Toll's peers found her guilty of felony animal cruelty yesterday. She sat in stunned disbelief, began to cry, and then shouted that it was all her ex-boyfriends' fault. Her sentencing is due on May 28; she faces up to 18 months in federal prison. She deserves every minute of her incarceration. (Rex has since had a name change, and now has a new, loving family, including other Shiba Inus.)

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