Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lovey brought me Banichi's shoestring yesterday afternoon, and I had to cry. Jeffrey, my husband, always said I was more critter than person - it's definitely showing up more clearly as I grow older. I'll be off to walk Rosie and Remy in a few minutes, and then I'll go see my therapist. When I stopped by the store this morning, I noticed that no one won the Powerball Lottery last night, so maybe my wild and grandiose idea has a chance on Saturday night... Then Lovey and I can travel without worry as much as we wish.
The huge hornets nest has been removed from my patio ceiling. The apartment complex just started a newsletter for the residents, and Banichi's death was the lead story in the first edition that arrived yesterday. Not much else is going on... I started re-reading C J Cherryh's Foreigner yesterday, and am again delighted with the exploits of an assassin/lawyer named Banichi.....

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