Thursday, April 22, 2010


We had a tremendous thunderstorm last night, and I'm happy that we didn't receive the four inches of dime-sized hail that some communities did. The DoT trucks were out plowing the hail off the roads for motorists for 4 hours. Lovey and I did some genealogy research, after talking with Kathryn, and then finished reading Foreigner. An hour ago, it was still very cloudy and grey outside, with rain blowing in the gusty winds; the sun is now shining, and Lovey is curled up on the patio wicker chair, catching a few rays. We are supposed to have scattered showers through Saturday afternoon, then clear up for the beginning of the week. ... Devil May Care, a 3-year-old filly, may race against the boys in the Kentucky Derby. She is a beautiful bay, with a blaze, and has the dished face of the thoroughbreds' Arabian ancestors. Todd Pletcher is her trainer; and, yes, he has 8 colts also in contention for the Derby. If Devil May Care does not run against the boys, she will be the morning line betting favorite for the Kentucky Oaks on April 30.
... Rosie and Remy have been wonderfully behaved this past week; I didn't walk them this morning due to the rain, but if it stays clear, I'll take them out this afternoon. Lovey and I still continue to hear sounds that we attribute to Banichi. It sounds like he's "talking" in the bathtub, or dragging his favorite shoe string across the floor, or there are little rustling sounds, like he's trying for a sneak attack on the occupants of the bed... *sigh* He is missed.

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