Friday, April 23, 2010

So Happy I Cried

It's seemed like Silent Spring around my apartment - no birds, no bunnies, no squirrels, and no Banichi. Lovey wanted to go out this morning, even though we have a mixture of rain and snow falling, so I left the patio door cracked, and sat here at my desk. Lovey ran back and forth a few times, then sat on the corner of my desk and stared at the door. I looked, looked twice, and then again. Gimpy, the scarred-up squirrel that I've been feeding, was sitting at the base of the cat tree, looking at me. I was so happy that I cried. Then I ran to find the unsalted peanuts for the little booger, who moved outside the door while I placed a pile of nuts on the rug. He's sitting there, contently consuming them, and Lovey is going in and out through the door by leaping over his head.
We are still having wild weather - the DoT snow plows were out again yesterday, moving piles of hail off the roadways. The precipitation here is a combination of rain and snow, but if you look westward, you can see that Flagstaff and the tops of the Flatirons are covered with snow. Up on Sugarloaf, at Grandma Anne's house, they're expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow by noon Saturday. At Caribou Ranch, where I took all those green summer photos, they are expecting 12 to 28 inches of snow by noon tomorrow. We expect 3 to 6 inches overnight.
Josh McDaniels is the "new" head coach of the Denver Broncos. "New" means he's been in charge for less than 2 years - and he follows his heart in a lot of things. That's why Tim Tebow is changing from the orange and blue colors of the Florida Gators to the ... orange and blue colors of the Denver Broncos. After hearing Josh talk about Tim last week, I suspected that I'd see Tebow in a Denver uniform; and I felt more than a twitch when Josh traded Brandon Marshall, Denver's infamous number 15, to Miami last week. Now the number 15 jersey is free and clear for Tebow's shoulders......

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