Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Woooo-Weeeee! It's COLD Outside

Yesterday I started the day in jeans, T-shirt, and a light jacket. Before noon I had to divest myself of the jacket, or turn into a salt-water swimming pool (it was in the mid-60s). We had our high today at midnight, and the temperature has been dropping ever since, while the westerly wind has been increasing. The parking areas and streets around my apartment were wet from a recent early-morning rain, and I watched the lightning illuminate the piles of dark clouds to the east; but in north Boulder, there is snow on the ground... And we're promised more snow tonight and tomorrow morning. The recycling truck has already been by this morning - I got Connie's bin out to the street with less than 5 minutes to spare; but the regular trash is still awaiting pick up. And since the wind is blowing so strongly, I got to chase down 6 boxes that were blowing around the yard because the west-side neighbor didn't close his recycling bin before putting it out. (Grrr!) Ooch is talking to me a mile a minute this morning - he gets in my lap for a love session, and then he wants more food, then more love, then more food. He is a sweet old man.
My kits are still clinging to me when I'm home. Lovey and Banichi had an open patio door for 3 hours yesterday afternoon; Lovey was back on top of me or in my lap every 10 minutes, while Banichi was content to curl up in the patio chair and just keep an eye on me. The Irish kids were super during their walk yesterday, and we made tracks for 90 minutes - going to and around Wonderland Lake and along the Foothills Footpath. I think both of the Rs were actually tired when I took off their harness and leads! And I also saw Riley and Keith out for their lunchtime walk, so I got to give the Shar Pei some extra love and a treat. I can tell that it's cold and damp out, as my left knee and all my fingers are sore and don't want to bend much. My sister has informed me that one of her co-workers at Sunflower Market just purchased his first horse, and, other than liking the way a horse looks, the man doesn't know a thing about equines. He purchased the horse from a stable for the amount due for boarding, as the previous owner abandoned the horse. Kathy is giving him my business card today, so I might start giving basic horsemanship lessons all over again... It might prove interesting.

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