Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Busy Day

Today was extremely busy. I left the house at 6:30 this morning, having fed and loved the kids and cleaned their litter boxes; then I went to Skippy's and fed and groomed him; then I stopped off at Lucky's and grabbed breakfast on my way to walk Rosie and Remy. From there I went to see my therapist for an hour, then to Safeway to pick up something for lunch. Then I walked Lucy, and then spent 3.5 hours with Rosie and Remy, as the remodeling of their house is in full swing. From there I went back to spent several hours with Skippy and feed the koi. After that, I met Mimi and Silver and went to their house to go over Silver's new routine, as his Mom will leave him in my care on Thursday, when she goes to Norway. I got home at 8:05 this evening. I'm going to have supper and crash, after I get the kits back in. They are out for the first time today; even though Neddy came back inside for a minute when I first sat down, so that he could have his spoonful of strawberry Jello...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool Critters

Frederick, the Dachshund

Felix, the Maine Coon Cat

Ferdinand, the leopard appaloosa

Large Toy Is MIA

I am very puzzled. One of Neddy's favorite toys is what I call his track-ball. Banichi used to love it. It is a rather large hard plastic toy - blue in color, with a color patterned (but mostly yellow) ball that fits into an outer circular track (and can be batted in either direction); along with three holes on the top, where another ball can be played with; and then there's a padded, cloth covered spring that spouts out of the center of the toy, and that has a catnip mouse on the top. It can be rather loud and irritating, as the hard plastic balls roll around on the hard plastic base - but it has always intrigued Neddy. As he plays with it, it can move great distances across the floor. He was playing with it around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, because I woke up and heard the ball rolling. The toy has mysteriously disappeared. The only place that I can think it might be is under the middle of the bed - I'll look there later. (It would have to be either upside down, or completely squashed to fit under the bed, though.) I know that it's not outside, or on any neighbors' patios, and it is not in my hallway, bathroom, closet, or under my desk or dining table. I just can't figure out where the little man has stashed it.
Both the Vikings and the Broncos won their weekend games, so I was very happy. Next week, they play each other, and I'll be rooting for both - I want Brett to do well, but I also want the Broncos to win. Either way, it should be a good game.
I've visited Skippy and walked the Rs. Have three loads of bed linens in the dryers in the laundry room at the moment. Then I'll take a nap before heading back to Skippy and the koi, and then a 7 p.m. meeting about walking a new client, a dog named Lucy, who lives on Topaz. No rest for the wicked!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Persistently Wins the Personal Ensign

Persistently is a four-year-old filly, sired by Smoke Glacken, and out of the Deputy Minister mare Just Reward. In this afternoon's Personal Ensign Stakes at Saratoga, the betting favorite was Rachel Alexandra. Rachel and Life at Ten both jumped from the gate and dueled for the lead until the eighth-pole, when Persistently made her move. She wore down Rachel A, who was under a hard ride and the whip from Calvin Borel. In an odd twist, Persistently is owned by the Phipps family and trained by Shug McGaughey - the same owners and trainer of the undefeated mare Personal Ensign, for whom the race is named.

Pretty To Me...

Driving up Boulder Canyon towards Nederland

Roan Hayes, a young Quarterhorse

Flight of a Falcon, Thoroughbred stallion

Cats, Horses, and Football

I made myself buckwheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast earlier - they were delicious! Lovey has been sunning on the patio, and has just come back inside to sprawl on the cool tile. Neddy is chasing grasshoppers. Once he catches them, he brings them inside to play with; when I swept the floor this morning, I collected 8 'hopper bodies to place in the trash. ... I decided to go to bed at 10 last night, and stepped out onto the patio for the night's roundup. I called both kits and then walked back to the bathroom to put on my nightshirt. Neddy followed me, and Lovey arrived a few minutes later, talking to herself. She didn't sound normal, so I took a look at her and found she had a field mouse between her teeth. She, as usual, turned it loose in the bath tub, and I had to hurry and grab a jar to capture it in so I could release it outside before the kits got hold of it again - I couldn't guarantee that Neddy wouldn't kill it. So the mouse is happily living outside again, and the kits and I were able to settle down for a quiet night's sleep. Sammie and Tupper got added to my care list for the second weekend of September; that's the same weekend as the Scottish-Irish Festival up in Estes Park.
Mike Smith has been the jockey for Richard's Kid twice - and both times he has won the Pacific Classic on board Lemon Drop Kid's son. After winning the race yesterday, Mike said he'd like to ride the colt again next year. ... My pick for the Travers, Afleet Express, won by a whisker yesterday. And the reason I had picked him was because of his trainer, Jimmy Jerkins - his father, Alan Jerkins, was known as the giant killer because he trained long-shot winners, such as Onion, who unexpectedly defeated Secretariat. ... Mine That Bird, the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, has been winless since that race. His new trainer, D. Wayne Lucas, will put blinkers on him for his next race, the Woodward Stakes at Saratoga on September 4.
Football... The Vikings won last night against the Seattle Seahawks. And former Gator Percy Harvin thinks that he and his medicos now have a good method of dealing with his recurrent migraines, so he shouldn't miss any more Vikings games. (I sure hope so, Percy!) ... The Houston Texans smeared the Dallas Cowboys last night. It was a debacle. ... And tonight, the Broncos face the Steelers at home. Go, Broncos!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Variety of Shots

A Goldendoodle pup with tulips

Sanitas Valley, in North Boulder, Colorado
Old boat in Andrew's Gut, Chincoteague Island, Virginia

New Furry Friends

I thought it was cool last weekend when I realized I was pretty well booked through the first week of January 2011. If my new clients like me, I will have a booking for Christmas of 2011 already. Wow! I met the people and the critters this morning - a swarm of koi, a very large and handsome Maine coon cat, and an adorable Goldendoodle puppy. The "kids" are interesting and friendly, and I'm looking forward to good times spent with them. - Lovey and Neddy are wandering in and out; there are some clouds building, but the chance of rain is slight (humidity is 12%). I need to finish rearranging my furniture, and then I can load up the new bookcases... I have no idea what Neddy was in early this morning - but he was certainly making a racket. Lovey was curled up on my hip; if I didn't know better, I'd have guessed she closed Neddy in a bureau drawer. The Humane Society had their mobile unit at Sunflower today, so I stopped by and visited the 5 dogs and 8 young (less than 5 months old) cats and kittens they had available for adoption today. Of course, a dilute tortoiseshell caught my eye - she was a grey tabby with light strips of orange woven into the greys of her coat - and she was quite a talker. She meowed and tried to grab me the whole time I was there... *sigh* ... Have a good weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lovey and Neddy Today

Leofgifu Glyndwr, 5th Birthday

Zephram Cenedi, 4 days short of 5 months old

Today is Lovey's Birthday

Lovey turns 5 today, according to her guestimated birthday, after being found floating on a cushion in a flooded street in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. She is my very sweet, very loving, and very much loved girl. She has spent much of the past hour trying to keep me from accessing the keyboard and the mouse. She seems to know that she's important today. She and Neddy got roast beef and gravy for breakfast, as well as a blend of Kitten Chow and Healthful Life to nibble on. They will both be allowed a teaspoon of ice cream later this afternoon. - It's currently 93 outside, with 14% humidity. I wonder how hot it is over in Kanab, Utah, where the annual Western Legends Roundup is happening right now?
Rachel Alexandra, now 4, and 2009's Horse of the Year, will be racing Sunday in the Personal Ensign at Saratoga, a handicap race at 1.25 miles. Rachel has never raced that far before in her career, and she will carry the top weight of 122 pounds (including her regular jockey, Calvin Borel) - only four other fillies and mares will dare to face her: Life at Ten, carrying 120 pounds, and the rest carrying 116 pounds, Miss Singhsix, Persistently, and Classofsixtythree. The race is scheduled to start at 5:56 EDT. (And I still believe that Zenyatta is the better horse! - Especially since she beat the boys and won the Breeders Cup Classic at 1.25 miles in 2009!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Did my brain and my gut get together for a little pre-cognition incident today? My apartment manager knows that I have cats; it is known that animals have to be out of an apartment or house during and after pest spraying; I was sick to my tummy this morning and decided against going out to walk the Rs; the pest spray guys arrived at 10:30 this morning - and the kits and I had to vacate to the patio and back yard for 8 hours. We just got back inside. Hmmmmm... (The only foreknowledge I was given was on Tuesday morning, when the manager e-mailed me and said the place would be sprayed "sometime this week or next week.") Lucky I was home sick!

Love Your Pet

German shepherd and master

Lorenzo, the Maine Coon cat

Irish Setter and mistress

Today is National Dog Day

I woke up with an upset tummy, and took medicine. When I walked out to the bus stop to get to Rosie and Remy's house, I was sick. So I came back home and cancelled their walk, and took more medicine. I hope it kicks in soon. Both kits slept with me last night - and when I awoke this morning, I had to check the TV and the computer to see if it was morning or evening; I really had no idea when it was. (I guess I should have taken that as an indication that something wasn't right with me today...) Both Lovey and Neddy are sticking rather close to me today - they apparently know that I'm a little off kilter. Today is National Dog Day - a day to celebrate one's love of our canine companions. Boulder Valley Human Society is having half-price adoptions of both dogs and cats through August 31, as a way to help those who want (and can afford) a pet to celebrate.
Anyone who has a large family knows the odd twists that genes can take; how children of the same parents can be so totally different from each other. Barbaro, who won the Kentucky Derby, then had the heart-rending breakdown and subsequent death from his injuries, has two full brothers racing. Both are trained by Michael Matz, who trained Barbaro. Both brothers raced this week: Lentenor finished third in an allowance race at Delaware Park, while brother Nicanor was the favorite in a mile plus 70 yards on the turf. Nicanor finished sixth of seven. - Certainly proof of the old adage that you "Breed the best to the best, and hope for the best." ... The two big races this weekend are the Travers Stakes (also known as the Mid-Summer Derby) at Saratoga for three-year-olds, and the $1 million Pacific Classic at Del Mar. Unless there are scratches, 11 top colts will contest the Travers at 5:46 EDT on Saturday, while 10 older horses will compete in the Pacific Classic at 4:45 PDT. Both races should be spectacular!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2008 Kanab Western Legends Roundup

Ty Hardin portrayed Bronco Lane

Wyatt Earp was played by Hugh O'Brien

Clint Walker was Cheyenne Bodie

A Bit of Everything

OK, my apartment manager was not aware that my check is/was missing; that I did not receive a receipt; and that the check hasn't cleared the bank.... She says she's investigating. She also told me that the pest squad will be in to spray the apartment again (even though I have only seen one India meal moth since I returned) either at the end of this week, or sometime next week. Thank goodness I have not yet unpacked everything! Most of my belongings will go over to Kathy and Jim's for the weekend, and until the place is sprayed again. I will also have to get the kits out for the designated spray day. Once she gives me an exact date, I'll be happy and stop whingeing.
I took the red kids out for a very nice walk this morning - we wandered all through Topaz, Emerald, Oak, Orchard, Poplar, Norwood, Redwood, and Sumac . Today was an irrigation ditch water day for the Snow yard, so we only spent 10 minutes there, letting Rosie chase her bone and lay and roll in the water-filled ditch. Nancy took Rosie out for a stroll yesterday evening, but Rosie pulled her all over and misbehaved generally, lungeing at cats, dogs, and deer. Remy declined to leave the yard, and took a nap instead of a walk. For the past two days, our high temperatures have only been in the low 80s, with 50 for a low - it's been heavenly! The really warm stuff is coming back tomorrow, though - so it will be interesting...
So we're 10 weeks away from the Breeders Cup races at Churchill Downs - November 5 and 6. Possible starters for the $5 million Classic include Zenyatta, Rachel Alexandra, Super Saver, Lookin at Lucky, Blame and Musket Man. If both ladies run, it will be one heck of a race!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Twister, a client, in his favorite nap spot

The kitchen and entrance hall of my apartment -
when I clean, I clean!

Foggy morning view of Folsom Street and
Flagstaff Mountain, with CU in foreground -
from the front parking lot of my apartment building

Is a Puzzlement

The clouds are wrapping around the peaks of the Front Range - it's been misty and quiet around and about. My rent check for August has not yet cleared my bank; I have not yet received a receipt for the month's rent; I called and left two messages on the apartment manager's telephone service last week (the office is open by appointment only); and I e-mailed them yesterday. As of this morning, my check has still not cleared. - But I haven't been contacted by management saying that my payment is missing. Is a puzzlement. I dropped off my rent check on Monday, 2 August, enclosed in a note to the management. I have told them via telephone and e-mail the check number, the amount, and when it was left with them. I informed them that if they had lost the check, I would be happy to write them another. They have not contacted me by telephone, e-mail, or in person. What the heck is going on?
The kids slept with me last night - one on either side - and the temperature dropped down to 52. It was nice having two purring, furry bodies with me. Today I am finishing up moving furniture and getting things back to normal after the great clean up. I'll put up my art work before the end of the month. Kathy came by and used the laundry facilities yesterday evening - their washing machine is still broken, but the dryer is working. Have a good week, folks!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eleven Nights

Unless there is an emergency, I get to spend the next eleven nights at home with the kits. I am content; and they seem to be.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Quiet

Hot and quiet - that describes today. In the past three days, Ive read books by Linda Fairstein, Michael Allen Dymmoch, and Kaitlyn Dunnett. Fairstein's are intense, Dymmoch (who is female, despite the name) writes an interesting and complicated book, and Dunnett's are a pleasure to breeze through. The kits are very happy to have me home. I didn't even think to ask Kathy and Jim how they did in their races when they returned this evening... Oh, well.... Had an early walk with the girls, a mid-morning walk with the Rs, and spent the rest of the day reading. Watched Brett Favre play his four plays for the Vikings, and am back home. A brown tabby cat and a black kitten equal home, sweet home.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

John Henry, Sole Power

John Henry

Sole Power, center of photo, wins the
Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes


We're supposed to be in the upper 90s today, with a projected high of 99 tomorrow; and we're nearing 90 now. Neddy just ate a tablespoon of strawberry Jello - I'll have to see if he gets a sugar high . Lovey brought in a huge grasshopper and crunched it down with obvious relish - I guess that's because she doesn't like Jello. The students are coming back, and the Farmer's Market this morning was so crowded it was almost impossible to walk through the tents. Since it is so warm, and because Suki and Boo ran 3 miles Thursday and 8 miles yesterday, I took my early walk without them. I was glad that i did not bring them along. I wasn't far from 19th Street when I heard tires squeal, a loud bang, the sound of a vehicle leaving the area, and then a very pathetic little whimper that rose to a wail and went back to a whimper. A half block away from me, a vehicle had hit a yearling doe. It had broken her back; she was lying on the road facing me,with her front legs pointed at me, but her hind legs were facing the other direction. But she was conscious and very, very aware. Luckily I know the folks who live in the closest house, and I went and pounded on their door; they weren't real happy to be awakened at 6 a.m. on a Saturday. They called the police (we were in the Boulder City limits), explained the situation, and an officer was dispatched. I was back with the doe before the car arrived. The officer assessed the situation, agreed with me, and then shot the doe to release her from her suffering. We covered her with a blanket until the Department of Wildlife could remove her body from the scene. This did not make for a good morning for me.
I was cheered however, by the win of Sole Power, a three year old 100-to-1 shot who won the Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes at York Racecourse yesterday. The heavy betting favorite, Starspangledbanner, came in second, while another 100-to-1 shot came in third... I wonder if they had what we call trifecta betting on that race, and how much a person could have won... It was a very exciting finish, by all accounts. There are 7 graded stakes races today in North America, and 3 tomorrow. Four of today's stakes races are at Arlington Park, including the Arlington Million, Beverly D., Secretariat, and the Stars and Stripes Turf Handicap. - It doesn't seem possible that two-time Arlington Million winner John Henry was retired 25 years ago. Time certainly does fly.

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Good Ads" - In My Opinion

Above, Maxwell the Little Pig in GEICO's new ad...

Budweiser's Clydesdale & Dalmatian

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter & Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper
make fun commercials together and separately

Nothing New...

I firmly stand behind and/or beside my diatribe yesterday concerning TV advertisements. - And I had to laugh, because as I was hitting the Send button, John Hickenlooper's first ad for the governorship of Colorado played. Currently the Mayor of Denver, the capitol of Colorado, John Hickenlooper steps into a shower (fully clothed) multiple times - each time he sees a negative political ad. He says he feels "dirty" each time he sees one and needs to wash off; he says he hopes he doesn't need to continue doing so; and, finally, he reminds voters that Colorado needs to conserve its water resources. That's the kind of political ad we need to see!!
The kits, Suki and Boo, and Remy and Rosie are doing fine. Kyle Orton, the Broncos first string QB, signed a contract extension. After taking a couple of mighty wallops making a TD on the final play of the first pre-season game, Tim Tebow has missed two days of practice. The word is he has bruised ribs. Fans are terribly upset. I ask, Why? Tebow is the third string QB for the Broncos - he has a lot to learn and a lot to prove before he's anywhere near Orton in experience. C'mon folks! It's pre-season!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Television Ad Rules by Betty

I fully realize that this, the USA, is a capitalist society. I understand that if I want to watch "normal" television, I must be bombarded with paid advertisements by the sponsors of the program I watch. As a child, teenager, and even as a young adult, the contents of television commercials seemed to bounce off me - even though I honestly admit I did, indeed, absorb quite a few catchy jingles. I can sing the songs (or jingles) for Nestle's Chocolate, Oreos, Armour Hotdogs, Oscar Meyer Bologna, Burger King, McDonald's, Campbell's Soup, Alka-Seltzer and probably about 30 more. I can immediately identify the music associated with "The Teaberry Shuffle", the Marlboro Man, the Frito Bandito, and the operatic Rice Krispies ad. I fondly remember Coca-Cola's "I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing" commercial.
Most of today's advertisements are forgettable - either you cannot remember them, or you do not want to remember them - or they are simply too loud. (And, unfortunately, the same can be said about the majority of today's films, as well.) I readily admit that I am a child of the 1950s: I have cable television (because I live in the mountains, and I like be to certain of reception), I have a land-line telephone that is plugged into the wall, and it has an actual cord between the receiver and the body; I have my desk-top PC; and I travel by foot, bicycle, or public bus. I am an old-fashioned person.
Why this run-down? Because I am about to post my own rules for television advertisements - what I believe the nation's media giants, and the small local stations, should follow.

** Medicine and Pharmaceutical Ads
* Commercials for aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen are all OK. The name brand company can state that some pain relievers work better for certain people than others, and can urge people to try another brand if they find such-and-such a brand is not working for them.
* Medications for specific medical problems should only be allowed to say, "Think you are suffering from (-whatever condition-)? Contact your physician and ask him or her about (-whatever brand name-)." And then all possible side-effects must be listed.
I do not need to hear men having conversations with themselves regarding sexual dysfunctions, nor women or men complaining about bladder (or other) incontinence during my breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Kids don't need to hear it either. - And what's up (sorry about the pun) with the Cialis ad where each part of the couple hoping for a sexual moment are sitting in separate tubs? Shouldn't they be in one together?

** Political Advertisements
* Once the filing date has passed for an elected position, ads may be placed by the candidate on local stations (national stations, if it is a nation-wide election: President, for example). Ads may have background music, with a voice-over; or just music with written information on the screen. The ad should present the candidates name, age, party affiliation, place of residence, and what position they are running for. If wanted, the candidate may indicate: marriage status and family information, why they think they should be elected, and why the populace should vote for them. - If the candidate wants to do more, let her/him purchase ad space in print sources.
* Three to five face-to-face debates should be scheduled and televised, along with questions from the audience. Questions from the audience should not be screened nor prepared. Prior to the debate, several pertinent topics should be mentioned as possible subjects; two of those topics should be chosen by a blind draw for the debate immediately prior to the start of the debate.
* No advertisements or commercials may smear, put down, or harass any candidate. PACs and special interest groups may not buy time to vilify any candidate or put a gloss o their favorite candidate. No negative ads!
* Short, fun, un-offensive ads are allowed by all. (Such as John Hickenlooper inhaling helium, and then speaking with a squeaky voice, saying, "Vote for me.")

** Other Ads
* Please, no vomit - even baby vomit. It's not cute.
* Animals are cute. The Geico gecko and Geico's Maxwell the Little Pig are cute. Budweiser's Clydesdales and Dalmatians are cute. Yakult's furry pink gastro-intestinal system that giggles, jiggles, and purrs is just plain gross - especially as it hops along on its rectum and blows bubbles from its esophagus. (Please!! Enough with the warm and fuzzy GI tract!)
* Lower the volume, please. - I somehow made it through the '60s and '70s with my hearing intact. It's too bad that most teenagers today already have permanent hearing loss. I don't - and I don't want it, either.
* Local ads for autos, restaurants and shopping centers are invariably sharp, innovative, and very fun to watch. Keep them going! Support your local businesses!

It is time for companies to use common sense and good taste in advertising again.

Missing the Tang of Salt Air...

A skipjack in the Chesapeake Bay

Cap'n Charlie "Nook" Moore, clamming in a
Chincoteague scow near Cape Charles, Virginia

Scene at St. Michael's, Maryland

Just Stuff...

Today has been grey and humid (for Colorado) so far; thunderstorms are expected this afternoon, and we had very light showers for about an hour around 8:30. I've walked the red kids, taken Kathy and Jim a couple of huge cinnamon buns from the Harvest Bread Company, and loved my kits. They both have just stepped back out onto the patio; maintenance has just mowed the backyard, and Neddy is burrowing into the grass clippings - I'll need to sweep the apartment again tonight. Not much going on at the moment; I hope to get going on the book shelves this afternoon. This weekend is the Pikes Peak Marathon, and the Half-Marathon, on the slopes of the Peak. Jim is running the full distance, while Kathy is running the half. So I'll be back with Suki and Boo on Friday and Saturday night. - I'm looking forward to the Broncos game against the Detroit Lions on Saturday; and I just laughed when Brett Favre re-signed with the Vikings (Go, old man, go!!)... The Vikings/Broncos pre-season game is the one I'm really looking forward to. - And why did I not know (or remember?) that Gene Roddenberry and Diana Muldaur shared today as a birthday?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Colorado Rodents

A chipmunk

An Abert squirrel

A marmot catching some sun

Poor Little Chipmunk!

I spent three hours trying to catch the chipmunk yesterday, but I had to leave to feed Suki and Boo. The chipmunk was alive and well, though frightened, and was still in the closet when I left yesterday evening. He was dead and very neatly laid out in the middle of the bowl full of Purina Healthful Life food upon my return. (How ironic!) I could not find a mark on him, but his neck was broken, so I'm assuming that Lovey made the kill. It was quite a vocal little creature, and I am sorry that it died. It ran into my apartment of its own accord, and unfortunately for it, I have two hunting machines that it was unaware of. The chipmunks have lived around the apartments for as long as I have been here - I see them often out in the yard, over by the hotel, and also in and around the shopping center next door. I have seen them on the patios before, but this was the first time (that I know of) that one entered the apartment, and/or that my kits have ever met one... Poor little thing.
Construction was supposed to get underway at full speed today at the Rs house. It didn't. Something that is needed hasn't yet arrived, so the big effort is now set for either Friday or Monday. I took the kids out for a walk at 8:30 this morning, and returned them about 12:15 - after the walk we went to the Snow house, and I read a new Bernard Cornwell novel to them, Suki and Boo included. It probably looked very funny - me sitting in a green lawn chair with my straw hat on, reading to two Samoyeds and two Irish Setters that were stretched out in the grass, while I read aloud about the Danish incursions into Mercia, Wessex, and East Anglia during the 980s. At least we all seemed to have a good time. Walk the Irish kids tomorrow and then home again - maybe I can get my bookshelves up before supper!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chipmunk In the House!!

Attack of the Bengal kitten!

Boo in her show days

Remy in his show days
The kits were just expressing extreme interest in one of my piles of older books. Turns out we have a young chipmunk in the house.... While the kits were busy looking elsewhere, it ran into the laundry basket - but jumped out (actually, it squeezed through one of those cut-out tiny air holes) and disappeared into the closet while I was trying to get it outside. Another "Oohh, boy" for the day....


Yesterday was a grey, cloudy and humid day here; we finally got relief with a 45 minute down-pour around 5 p.m. Today is bright and sunny, and currently there is a nice breeze tossing the tree tops. The weather folks say we'll reach 88 today and about 97 tomorrow, with very low humidity. My one gripe today is that Boo, who is 8 years old, still does not know that she shouldn't jump on people. Well, actually, I'm sure she's heard "No!" and "Bad dog!" enough over the past 8 years to understand that she is doing something undesirable - but it seems she just can't control herself. And I think the only reason I'm complaining about it is because she jumped on me first thing this morning, and put great big muddy paw prints across the crotch and hips of my one pair of clean shorts; after I changed, she did it again to my one pair of clean jeans. So I had to make a trip back to my apartment, and wash and dry two loads of clothes, so I could have clean bottoms again. I was going to do laundry Wednesday evening - but I had to move it up into a spot when I planned to be putting together my new book shelves and, hopefully, getting some of my books on the shelves. Since our apartment building is open, and since it's the first days of students being back, and since we've got 5 homeless guys hanging around, I had to spend the washing and drying time in the laundry room, as a few residents' belongings have disappeared from there recently. (I know... grumble, grumble, grumble....)
The kits have been very loving yesterday and today. I had thought I would take them to Kathy and Jim's but when Kathy once again changed the dates and times of their absence, I decided to keep the kits at home rather than take them to the Snow house for 3 nights, back home for 2 nights, and then back at the Snow house for another 2, only to return home again. It's weird enough for me; the kits don't need such an active "moving" pattern. If we'd been going over for an extended stay, it would have been fine - but they don't need all the back-and-forth-ing. Suki and Boo have been great, as usual, except for Boo's leaping up (which is usual for her). Rosie and Remy have been super, but Rosie is upset about the construction in their backyard. Joel had told me that the construction would begin tomorrow, Wednesday; but the guys were there yesterday. They built a fence to keep the dogs out of the construction area, but leaving them free to run in the south end of the backyard. Today Rosie refuses to go out into the backyard. The work crew has pulled up the deck flooring already, and they are planning to dig and set the piers for the new floor, where the dining area is being bumped out about 4 or 5 feet. The crew loves dogs. The dogs love people. Remy is the dog everyone worried about - he's fine with the workmen and all the construction. Rosie is the one who's upset. .... Ooohhhh, boooy...... So I'm going to have the red kids at Suki and Boo's for most of tomorrow morning. I'll take them back around noon, and if the dogs get too upset, either Nancy or Joel will call me, and I'll go grab the Rs and take them back to the Snow house. ... Right now, I'm just looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again tomorrow night. (Whine, whine, whine...)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Salt the Bistro, in Boulder

Salt opened in the same spot as the
iconic Tom's Tavern
Each table at Salt has a dish containing pink
Himalayan salt and sea salt

The interior of Salt - we sat at the corner
table in the center of the photo

Salt is Super!

I had my hair chopped yesterday - clippered up the back and above the ears, with two inches left on top - my usual Gibbs cut (from NCIS). It is so much cooler! The cut took 3 inches off all over, and I'm happy with the result. I wrapped Kathy and Jim's framed painting with 2.5 yards of pastel-printed butterfly cloth, and then securely tied it with four pastel ribbons. (Neddy was extremely happy and excited to help me with the ribbons.) Just before 6 p.m., I walked over to Sunflower, greeted Kathy, and passed on through the market to wait for her on the east side. When she got off work, she changed clothes and came out to join me; Jim had just arrived with the truck, so we climbed in and headed for Salt.
When we arrived, we found we had a 30 minute wait for a table (they only accept reservations for parties of 5 and over), so we walked back to the truck and they opened their card and gift. We had just moseyed back to the restaurant when the hostess came to us and had us seated. It was the beginning of a fine gastronomic experience. We were kept supplied with two types of freshly made bread (one white, one dark) and butter throughout the meal. To start, we had the Artisan Cheese Board, followed by our selected entrees, and then the dessert menu. Jim's tummy was just a bit off, so he declined ordering a dessert for himself (but he had finished my entree) - Kathy had the dark chocolate caramel tart with coffee and chocolate ribbed ice cream, while I had fresh Colorado peach cobbler with cornmeal and maple syrup streusel and a dollop of creme fraiche ice cream. Jim ate half of my dessert, and had several tastes of Kathy's. It was scrumptious!
I have all the kits' things together to go to Kathy ad Jim's this afternoon. I have my food packed, but not my clothes as yet. The kits are currently running in and out of the patio door, and I have the The Iron Sheriff playing on the TV. Our local CBS channel will carry the Broncos' game this afternoon, so I'll be able to see it. So it's off to the Snow house we go this afternoon. I hope your week is delightful!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Red Eye

The weather folks say our high today will be 86; it's 72 now and very enjoyable out. I poked myself in the eye last night, so my left eye is RED; and I don't even know how I did it. I think I feel asleep and dropped the corner of a book on my face, into my eye... All I know is that it looks awful. There are several good thoroughbred races scheduled for today, and I'm looking forward to the Broncos first pre-season game tomorrow - even though the defense has been ravaged by injuries in practice. Lovey and Neddy are having a ball scampering in and out; they and I will be heading for Suki and Boo's house tomorrow for the next 8 days... 'Twill be interesting!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Many Faces of Bruce Campbell

As Autolycus, Master Thief, on
Xena Warrior Princess

As Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep

As Brisco County, Jr. in
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

He's always over-the-top, completely hilarious, has a huge resume of "B" action and horror movies, has a super sense of humor, laughs at himself, and writes very readable, funny books. Bruce Campbell is a gem and always a wild card.

Calm Friday

Today has been quiet and calm so far. I've loved and played with the kits, walked Rosie and Remy, grabbed some books to read at the library, and visited PetCo to stock up on kitty food and treats. I finished reading Alistair MacLean's Golden Rendezvous this afternoon, and, not having had lunch yet, and it's 4:30, then I'll be eating a very late lunch or a very early supper. I'll be taking Kathy and Jim to Salt for supper tomorrow night - the menu looks absolutely scrumptious. Nephew Mike was supposed to have returned from a river trip a couple of days ago, but he is not returning phone calls or e-mails. He was supposed to meet Jim and work on the tow plane at the airport this morning... but didn't show. His folks are starting to worry... Lovey and Neddy are absolutely fine, drinking in all the love and attention I can give them, and Neddy still loves strawberry Jello. The kit is a little weird - just like me. It's currently 86 degrees out and the humidity is at 13% - it's delightful. Have a good night, and a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A pygmy marmoset in Santiago, Chile

A polar bear in Munich, Germany

A day-old lion cub in Yaduda, Jordan

Hooker Horny Toads Rule!

Neddy has decided that if I am eating something, it must be good for a young cat, too. He continues to eat strawberry Jello, and loves ice cream; yesterday he ate a mouthful of ripe peach - not the fuzzy skin, mind you, but he took a big bite of the juicy fruit and ate it all. Today is a warm day - I've walked the Irish kids, and met little Thor's folks again while walking; they want me to stop in and care for their cat while they're gone next weekend, and they live only a couple of blocks south from Githens Acres, so it'll be easy. Saturday is Kathy and Jim's 29th wedding anniversary - I've invited them out to dinner. The construction crew is due at the Irish kids' house this Wednesday to start renovations - I'll be spending more time with the kids so they won't be so distraught, and will probably take them away for much of each day.
The window curtains did not shred yesterday when washed yesterday, and I am amazed at how much brighter they are after being washed. I guess the build-up of dust, cat hair, cooking, and daily handling was much heavier than I had realized. I got the 'fridge defrosted yesterday, and can actually use the freezer once more - it has never kept anything frozen hard, but it works... I pulled out my Hooker Horny Toads Baseball shirt and wore it today - it's been awhile since I've had it on. The students are coming back into town, and I received 5 offers to buy the shirt off my back this morning. I told them to go to Hooker and buy one themselves.
Kathy and Jim are up hiking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness today, so I was kind of freaked out when I glanced at the Denver headlines at 11:30 this morning and saw that the body of an older man was found on one of the trails in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The story was posted at 10:23 this morning, but it wasn't until the end of the story that it was stated that the body was first seen last night and that the man was 70 years old. (Jim will be 67 in September, so I was really beginning to wonder where Kathy was...) ... The other news around here is that a bear let itself inside a family home and ransacked the kitchen and refrigerator about a mile from the Irish kids house; and police found four home-made bombs next to a public pool in Longmont yesterday - luckily someone reported a suspicious package, and only one bomb blew, causing over $1,000 in damages to one of the pool houses. ... So, don't work too hard for the rest of the week!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Colorado Views

View from the top of Pike's Peak

Wildflowers near the Sneffels Range

Wildflowers near Aspen

Voting in Colorado

More than 48% of registered voters in Boulder County cast their ballots yesterday in the state primary. I sort of laughed at my ballot; there were 15 races to vote on, and only 17 choices. The two races that had two contenders were for the US Senate seat, and for the county surveyor. The news was that the Tea Party Republican candidate, Dan Maes, won over US Representative Scott McInnis for the Governor nomination; and that Ken Buck beat incumbent Jane Norton. Ken Buck raised a lot of hackles (mine included) when he replied to a question with,"Why should you vote for me? You should vote for me because I don't wear high heels. I wear cowboy boots, and they're covered with Weld County bullshit." Michael Bennett, who was appointed to Ken Salazar's Senate seat, defeated Andrew Romanoff in the Democratic vote, even though Romanoff had the support of Bill Clinton. ... And if you live in Alachua County, Florida, I recommend the election of Carol Oyenarte for the School Board in District 5; she is a wonderful and smart person, and would make an excellent member of the School Board!
Rosie and Remy are visiting the groomers this morning, so I'll be taking them for a stroll this afternoon/evening. The kits are puzzled by the fact that I haven't gone anywhere this morning, other than taking out the trash and kitty litter clumps. Lovey is currently stretched out across my desk top, and I have my keyboard in my lap. Neddy has discovered an old rubber ball that neither Lovey nor Banichi were interested in - it's just the right size for him, and being made of soft rubber, he can hook his claws into it. It's been keeping him busy for hours. I'm defrosting the refrigerator/freezer this morning (it's over 20 years old), and will soon go down the hall and toss a couple of loads into the washing machines in the laundry. I didn't get the curtains done yesterday; that's the first load I'll carry down. Enjoy hump day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Odds 'n' Ends

Replica of an Iron Age house in England

The warrior goddess Freya, in her war chariot
pulled by a team of cats

Tim Tebow, rookie QB for the Denver Broncos,
sports a Friar Tuck haircut on Rookie Initiation Day

A VERY Old House

OK, I've walked the Rs, met with Kristin about Sasquatch and Tugger, voted, read my e-mail, and looked at the news... I'm ready to go back to bed today. Neddy and Lovey are running in and out; it's 83 degrees with 30% humidity, the sun is shining, and I can see a glider soaring above the farmland to the east. Joel, Nancy and Max are wonderful people; when they returned from their trip to Europe, they brought me a selection of cards with the paintings of Claude Monet on them, a beautiful photograph book of the Cotswolds, and an intriguing set of "Endless Landscape" cards. With the two sets of nesting cats that were purchased for me in Russia, by the Aussie dogs' owners, I am acquiring quite a collection!
I am planning on washing the apartment curtains this afternoon, and hoping that after hanging for nearly 5 years with me, they won't shred or fall to pieces in the washing machine. In a way, I prefer vertical blinds, which most of the other apartments now have, but I also like the fact that these curtains have a rubber insulated lining that helps keep the cold out in the winter, and the sun's full heat out on summer mornings. As usual, I'm torn between the two...
And, near Scarborough, in North Yorkshire, England, the remains of a 10,500 year-old house/hut have been discovered. For more information on this discovery, visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-10929343

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The Flatirons, seen from Chautauqua Park,
here in Boulder, CO

Mountaineer Park Race Track and Concourse

Tuscan Evening