Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Carrying Tales....

Once NCIS was over tonight, Lovey came in and demanded that I go outside with her. She wanted me to see that Nedi was 15 to 18 feet up in one of the aspen trees, chasing finches. The finches were having a ball leading him higher and higher into the tree... They didn't even fly away when I went to the base of the tree and got Nedi to return to earth. I can still hear them singing mockingly to the kits.
I'm in shock. The Louisville, Kentucky Coroner's Office has confirmed that Michael Baze, the son of retired rider Mike Baze, age 24, has been found dead inside a Cadillac Escalade at the Churchill Downs backstretch. Michael was first cousin of jockey Tyler Baze. His uncle is Gary Baze, while Hall of Fame member Russell Baze, is the first cousin of his father, Mike, all jockeys. In an all-too-brief career that began in 2003, Baze won 918 races from 6,968 mounts, and his mounts earned more than $32.4 million. An autopsy will be performed tomorrow.

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