Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grey & Rainy

Rosie has an allergy, possibly to pollen, that is making her chew her front toes and has turned her tummy red. She's now taking benadryl and is a little loopy. Yesterday was gorgeous. Today it's grey out and the weather folks say that we'll have rain by 3 p.m. and then snow later. That means I need to re-cover the tomato plants in Lynn's garden. Cloudy and Shady are doing well at Alexy's; all of Lynn's critters are fine. I'm visiting my kits before heading back to north Boulder. Lovey and Nedi both wanted lots of loving, and then they wanted to be fed. The next item on their agenda was going outside. They've both been back inside, seeking love since the first trip out. I'll split the rest of my day between Lynn's and Alexy's - reading and cooking at Lynn's and doing research at Alexy's. - Hope you have a good weekend!

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