Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of May

It's the last day of May, and temperatures are supposed to be in the upper 70s today, and in the low 90s the first two days of June. That's good and bad. It's good, because we need some sunshine and warmth - most days in May were either overcast or rainy, and we needed the rain. It's bad because we (in the South Platte River watershed) have our snowpack at 313% - once that snow really starts to melt, we'll have flooding. Of course, we already have flooding in several counties, but this flooding is likely to rival that of the Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers... oh, my. Hopefully, the sun will slowly melt the snow so that Boulder Creek doesn't flood; my possessions are few, but they are dear to me - books, photos, the kits, and my genealogy records. I do have the PC hard drives up on stands 5 feet above the floor, but Boulder Creek has been known to flood (where my apartment is located) to 70 feet. (Please, not while I live here!) In any event, the kits are outside in the sun and newly mowed grass, and are so happy to be out, after I kept them inside yesterday. Brandi seems to be doing very well, considering her age and illnesses - we slept together last night.
And, after having multiple conversations with MDs and the folks at Medicare, I have finally been informed that once the surgery for my fistula fails three (3) times, I can get a second opinion that Medicare will pay for - and that once the surgery fails after 3 times, they would have the surgeon do some other type of procedure. Apparently the government (via Medicare) believes that "the third time's the charm." We'll see. I certainly can't afford the out-of-pocket expense of a second opinion - it's been quoted to me as "about $2700 to $3000" - by another physician in Boulder. - The up-coming PowerBall drawing is supposed to be worth about $200 million this time around - maybe I can win and get my nether regions repaired....
I sat and stood outside the apartment from 7 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. yesterday, yelling for the participants in the Bolder Boulder. The apartment driveway where I stand is 1/4 mile from Folsom Field; once inside the stadium, they have to make one lap of the track inside and they hit the finish line. I'm rotten, I guess.... I stand there and yell that there's only "a quarter-mile to go!" and "You can do it!" I was shocked that over 50 people stopped by (after they had finished their run) and thanked me for cheering them on - a lot of the women racers hugged me, and many said they don't think they would have finished if they hadn't heard me yell that there was only a quarter-mile left. My psychiatrist ran yesterday, and remembers hearing me yelling; I saw both Jim and Kathy run by; and the entire Chandler family went by as well.... other than that, there were ROTC squads, a herd of Chick-Fillet cows wearing "Eat Mor Chikin" signs, several parrots, a wonderful Uncle Sam, Batman and Robin, men in kilts, men in sequined majorette uniforms, several men in towels (with Run Naked painted on their chests and backs), a red devil, a Jesus, a gorilla carrying a man in a cage, several bananas, Pac Man, ballerinas, mariachis ... it was quite an entertaining crowd. More than 58,000 folks entered the race, and almost 54,000 completed it. The fastest running time was by a young man (28) from Evergreen, who finished the 10 K run in less than 30 minutes and 30 seconds.
Heading back to Brandi in a few minutes.... Enjoy your week!

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