Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain and Allergies

The weather folks said that Monday and Tuesday would be bright and sunny. Boy, were they ever wrong! It was grey and yuckky yesterday, except for 2 hours, between 3 and 5 p.m.; today started out grey and chill and is expected to stay this way. We're supposed to get rain Wednesday through Friday... We need the rain. And it's been great that what has fallen so far has been a light, but constant fall - but a downpour will flood a lot of folks here. Snow is still falling in the high country, and the Arapaho Basin Ski Resort says it looks as if they'll stay open until July 4, since they still have over a 100 inch base of packed snow on their runs.
Rosie does have an allergy to pollen. So she'll be taking benadryl for a while... I took her and Remy over to play with Tess both yesterday and today. They ran themselves silly, and Rosie kept plopping herself in the koi pond to cool off. Lilly still hisses at the two younger kits, Lyra and Dhisana. Lyra is always interested in what someone else is eating, and it really bugs Lilly, even though Lyra doesn't try to grab the food. Lovey and Nedi are getting tons of love, as I check my e-mail, read my usual sites, and put together my blog. Today they were more interested in love than in food, so I guess they do miss my presence. Luckily, Lynn is due back late tomorrow, so I can spend a few days at home with the kits before my next "away" work. I miss having them in their usual sleeping positions in bed with me. Having three cats fussing over who sleeps where on top of me gets a little worn. ... Tomorrow we'll find out who will be running in the Preakness, and from which position. Versus TV will broadcast the Black Eyed Susan, live, on Friday; and they'll have the Preakness undercard Saturday, before NBC takes over the coverage. - Don't work too hard, friends!

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