Friday, May 6, 2011

Unpleasantness at Githen's Acres

While walking Rosie and Remy this morning, I ran into Leslie , who lives on Emerald. Leslie was upset. Bandit, her cat had gone out into the back yard this morning, and had a strange reaction to something in the far corner of the yard. Leslie investigated. It was the head, neck, shoulders and forelegs of a short-haired black cat with a small white spot on the chest. The legs were outstretched, and the head angled, as if the cat was sleeping with it's head nestled on its' legs. But there was no other part of the cat. The coyotes had killed and eaten it. The cat belonged to Lesley, who lives across the street from Leslie. Lesley came and identified her, and, while stroking her head, said, "I thought you were faster."
What an awful epitaph. I cried.

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