Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visitor Inundation

The morning arrived bright and sunny, but we now have mostly cloudy skies. While out walking this morning, I ran into 5 young ladies from the track team at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville), who are here for the Bolder Boulder. About 30 minutes later, I met a couple from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, who are also here for the race. After finishing my 5 miles, I began to run into family groups with small children who were here for both the Boulder Creek Festival and the race... So far, they have over 58,000 entries for all the different divisions of the Bolder Boulder - the wheel chair race, the runners, joggers, and walkers, and the Elite runners, who run the 10 K in less than 35 minutes.... I'm getting tired thinking about it.
Other than fussing about having to wear their collars and tags today (and tomorrow,too), the kits have been good. Since the Harvest House hotel is completely filled, and I know that both kits sometimes go under the fence to visit their parking lot and the tennis courts, I'm insisting on them wearing some form of ID. Monday, with everybody running by, and then walking back, they won't be allowed out at all. In another two weeks, it will be time for the Belmont Stakes, and I'll be rattling on about the horses running in the race, as well as (I'm sure) about the horse I'll ride in the Roosevelt National Forest. I finished reading Specimen Song this morning, and am trying to decide which of the 10 new books I should tackle. I'll be heading over to Rosie and Remy's for at least two hours tonight, then back at home until I head out for Brandi's on Monday afternoon.

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