Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weather, Critters, Bolder Boulder

I only had Rosie and Remy out for a 20 minute walk-jog yesterday due to rain, lightning and thunder. I was soaked from the knees down, and discovered that my old sneakers now leak - my right foot got soggy. A squirrel is giving Nedi "what for" out on the back fence, while Lovey is watching from the cat tree inside. It's a drab, grey morning so far; I can see the Flatirons and the Front Range clearly, but the mountains behind them are hidden in cloud or fog. No snow-caps to be seen this morning. Due to more than 3 inches of rain-fall yesterday, several counties out on the easterly plains of Colorado are under Flood warnings. Boulder only had 2/5 inch of rain in the last 24 hours. (And I simply can't figure out how I have muddy kitty foot prints running across the chest of the clean grey shirt I put on this morning....)
This Monday is, of course, Memorial Day. Besides honoring all of this country's veterans, it also means it is time for the Bolder Boulder again. This will be the 33rd time that the 10-K race will be run; Olympic marathoner Frank Shorter organized the first race, and is still involved. Both my sister and brother-in-law will be running again this year. I'll be standing in my usual spot at the north corner of the apartment complex's driveway, cheering on the runners. From where I stand, there's only a 1/4 mile left of the course (half of it uphill) to the finish line... I take out a chair, a bottle of cold Coca-Cola, and enjoy myself watching the runners go by (usually about 50,000). It's usually about a 5 hour show. After the race this year, I'll be heading over to Brandi's house to stay with her for a week. She is such a sweet dog! I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with her.

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